Art in Denmark

What an amazing trip!MainstageSat

I’ve always loved touring Denmark, done it a lot over the years.

So working with Jim and Anne Mills, Jonas, Neil and crew at Imagine Festival in Kolding was really good… and certainly a blast measuring up to all I have learned to expect from these friends!

Here are just a few pics.LectureTime  KarstenArt1  OutdoorArtDance

I lectured and dialogued with a lot of good people on art, blues music, spirituality and also brought a short set with speaking, then a longer music set there over the weekend.

There were many quite brilliant artists in attendance working in various modes such as dance, paint, sculpture, theater, music, poetry and more.

They came from all over Europe and a large group came down fromFinnishGroup Finland, another nation I’m fond of from past tours.

There were several soloists, duos and bands from much of Europe and the U.S.. What an awesome event!Inkarnation

Oh, there was an old coot doing mostly cigarbox and diddley bow blues and harmonica as well 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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