Motorcycle Sunday- Aurora, Illinois

20130505_132236(0)20130505_131825Warehouse church, their lead pastor Randy Schoof, staff and many of the peeps there have been longtime friends. Every year they host a very cool outdoor bike fest, and pray for the huge turnout of riders and bikes. They bring kickin’ music, a good number of bands, also attract many vendors and people from all over the Fox Valley come out.

20130505_132215 20130505_132626 20130505_132151

They do a ride and as well as the bike blessing and just have a rockin’ time.

And I must say, the hot links this year were superb!

So Wendi and I went out with another friend from JPUSA and had, as always, a blast. I was invited to guest on a tune with one of the bands (Tone Deft), just cookin’ band! As always CruiseMachine brought a smokin’ blues set as well. Really enjoyed the rest of the music and snapped a load of pics with my phone (which you see some of here).20130505_132856 20130505_132415

A fun day and looking forward to more! Enjoy, -Glenn

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