People’s Music School Chicago

Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale27 Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale06 Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale09Just getting this posted now, it’s been a great and busy week!

Had a cool time with my Wendi at the school -last- weekend.

They are an amazing inner-city (like, right behind our house) music school and work with people regardless of their ability to pay- but do rigorous music training. Many of our own kids (JPUSA) and a few older peeps have taken courses there and the instructors do a SERIOUS job teaching. The benefits are obvious. The staff are kind, loving professionals who do great work.

So during their big open-house recitals last weekend complete with vendors (including us), food trucks and a large crowd of folks coming and going all day long,  Wendi brought her knit goods, I set up cigarbox guitars and a bass and students truly swarmed us in-between their recitals (drums, piano, guitar, etc.). Parents, family members and friends all seemed to really have a blast.Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale15Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale25

The cool photos here are from our friend Colleen Davick.


So -this- weekend just past Wendi and I went out to the 13th annual Motorcycle Sunday in Aurora. AMAZING weather and great response from the crowd, a huge load of cool bikes and such.

I’ll try to post a blog with pics from that in the next day or so.

Tomorrow night I fly to Denmark for the Imagine Festival, lecturing on blues and mission and doing a couple sets while there. I hope to post more on that from Denmark 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,



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