Two of my Amazing Friends (Creative Music & Writing Within)

Some of you may not know how eclectic my music and performance tastes are and have always been. One dream of mine never explored was to do full-on electronic-based music for a bit… but it wasn’t to be. No worries, I have some amazing friends!

Sometimes I try to explain the creativity all around me here at JPUSA… so… Don Hill is a longtime friend, believer and member of our community/fellowship and quite a creative bro.. He and his sweet and gifted wife Rebecca and their cool kids have served with us for years here in Chicago. You can find out more about their family and special needs via her (amazingly written) articles and her very-just-started-new blog:

In my view (and plenty of others) Don does brilliant ambient music (both music and film) as Millipede. Normally he uses a large screen to one side or above him.

Here are his comments (sent to us in-house… he doesn’t know I’m posting this but we’re tight, I think he’ll be blessed by it) and recent concert footage from a show in the Chicago area. See the link to the 3 songs in Vimeo below his comments. Enjoy the trance-like coolness!


“Hey all,

I had my first show in over a year last Friday. A friend from the suburbs came out with his new camera, and recorded it. Here are a few clips from that I have loaded up on Vimeo.

I Dare Not (collaboration w/ Blutspan, from Chile)

A Hole in the Shape of You


There were sheets of tulle (a mesh fabric) hung in front of me, and my friend Brian Klein was projecting images on it. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a separate audio rig together, so the sound is just from the camera. Hope you are able to see past the flaws & enjoy!

I especially want to say thank you to everyone for supporting we Hills as a family.”

“I Dare Not”:

“A Hole in the Shape of You”:


Some of Don’s web presence:


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