The Weekend and GK Thoughts on Suicide

Weekend show with Joe Filisko was brilliant, a blast on all levels many thanks for the kind response of a very warm audience in Green Bay as well as the always amazing Cup O Joy staff!

So late that night just prior to sleeping I checked my email where I found out via a friend that pastor Rick Warren’s mentally ill son had taken his life. The writer of the email asked for my thoughts.

And no… I’m not nor do I plan contemplating suicide… not now or ever.

Just prior to coming to saving faith in Jesus I did try to take my own life. In my case it was not mental illness, rather drugs, guilt for many sins and hearing voices due to acid and other things I’d taken. Apparently the attempt failed and God had other plans. I’m thankful to Him for that.

But- as many if not most reading this will know, mental illness is a dna/body-chemical issue, not merely a matter of will, choice and sin nature.

So you’ll find my thoughts on that in the following appx. 8 minute podcast at

At this point it’s the best free podcast site I can muster up and I expect to do a lot more podcasts over time…

Let’s pray for Rick, his wife, family and church family… these are such sad, tragic events and healthy grieving will be essential. Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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