Washington Show, Etc.

Well, first the “Etc.”- I posted this in Facebook today:

“I may not and do not always agree with humanly created law, but consider the fact that God’s Own -prohibition- against sin (what HE calls sin in the Book) doesn’t always work in me, in my fellow Christians and among those who do not follow Jesus. How can we, via law, expect it to “fix” those who don’t know Him in a daily, personal way? With His love for those around you, live what you believe and face the consequences -as we all shall regardless. When the church repents where it must, perhaps others will join us and do likewise.”

For those who consider our nation a pristine, Christian nation, all I can say is you are likely in need of more Bible-study time alongside a serious study of both U.S. and world history. I love this place and those in it, but I’m increasingly aware the rich and powerful have always called the shots and therefore do not expect Christ-followers (who have themselves often been the rich and powerful in our history…) to enjoy many of our laws or their consequences. Nothing new about this!!

The show in Washington state (Leavenworth) was a real treat. The crew at Young Life are gems and working with Tuck Foster and Mossrites a blast! Good chats before and afterwards, met new friends and hung out a bit with a number of old friends I’d not seen for some time. Just a real cool weekend.

Wendi is feeling a bit better but thanks for prayers for her arthritis, it’s tough for her to sleep some nights. Thanks for the huge bit of advice over the years, trust us, she’s done and doing all but in the end hip replacements are likely the ticket.

A number of shows are nearly confirmed and we’ll update soon as we can, including a number of summer shows and an August tour around the annual York, PA Cigarbox Guitar Festival which I’ll be at doing a solo set. There are some dates open for myself with Shane Speal and One String Willie as well so anyone who’s interested in a show including coffeehouse, pub or house concert, please contact me (see the booking link below, it comes directly to me).

So in that Leavenworth, Washington has done their town up as a Bavarian wonderland (and it’s quite authentic indeed) I just had to add a friend from YL, Jordan who was doing Amazing Grace (no kidding…!) on an alpenhorn. Quite a trip!20130323_101001

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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