What a Different World

wpid-20130318_215328.jpgIt could be if…

Brought music and message of encouragement to nearly 90 men at Cook Co. Jail last night. Heard story after story of addiction, loss, d.u.i. convictions, loss, family, job, so much pain, loss, waste of relationships, time and life.

My songs and words were meant to both challenge but also comfort with a view to their individual choices. God changed my life and can change theirs.

So driving home I took the pic you see from downtown Chicago. The car radio news had just reported a d.u.i. head-on collision that killed two young men on Lakeshore Drive (Chicago), the very road I was on.

Exactly what I had tried to get through to the men was what this sad soul had apparently missed- one of the key reasons I finally surrendered to Jesus:

Bringing pain to others by my choices was killing me as well as hurting if not wrecking them.

I knew in this life I would, as anyone does, cause pain at times- but nowhere near like I had prior to my full-on dope, booze, sex and music-worship days.

Nobody is entirely “safe” but driving drunk, stoned or just ignoring how our actions affect others is something other than mercy.

How different can the world be? It starts with me.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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