GK Offering Cigarbox/Found Object Guitar & Bass Workshops

Been thinkin’ about offering cigarbox guitar workshops as one of several things I can bring to a town. I don’t care if it’s a library, state fair, coffeehouse, church or where ever. Why?

Every time I bring one of these instruments out- even to play one lone song in a venue and among a people least likely to “get it” they come up immediately after the set, fully excited and asking about it. In doing more and more shows that include 4 or more of my little homebrew boxes it never fails to amaze me how many people want to try them out for themselves.

Teaching CBG building at school
Teaching CBG building at school

I’ve gotten so much positive response to the workshops I’ve done (festivals, schools, where and among whomever) in that people of all ages begin to realize:

– They can build these little guitars in about 90 minutes from next to nothing in both material and cost

– They can learn the basics of guitar playing with very zero finger pain because slide guitars don’t require pressing the strings down on the neck inbetween frets as typical guitars do

– They begin to wrap their minds around the concept of playing a song on these little things (I focus on 1, 2 or 3 string slide guitar and 1 or 2 string fretless basses only)

– It’s just plain FUN, even if you’re an accomplished player

– Plenty of folks are freaked by 6 strings… not so with 3, 2 or even 1

– There are several mature points to guitar playing and music in general that are super easy to both teach as well as comprehend via a forgiving (short scale, fewer strings, easier accomplished via slide guitar) instrument such as these

– One can easily move into building a strumstick, banjo, dulcimer, simple violin and more via the experience of building one of these little gits

– There are several very artistic things one can do to decorate/embellish a box, tin or even can -all of which make cool guitar bodies, and the neck itself (shortened broomhandle or 1×2 inch hunk of wood

– I’ve learned to explain all this in simple English and when one sees those I’ve built with little effort and a very few tools they end up pretty hyped about doing it themselves

– You don’t need a ton of money to make this sort of thing happen

– There is a real sense of personal value, and by this I mean the value of the person themselves) as well as a grassroots music therapy thing going on via the process

Oh, one can add pickups and play ’em via an amp or p.a. system too… have a look-see:

So the point is that I may begin offering workshops along with or without a concert or speaking, etc., in more and more places.

I’m also happy to discuss what it might take to do this via a secure webinar if not in person. Lovin’ technological possibilities 🙂

You can hit the “Booking” link here at gkaiser.wordpress.com to reach me if you want to discuss a possible workshop/clinic in your area.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Hi Glenn,
    I’ve got some inspiration on building a cigarbox guitar, but I’m not really sure which way to go. Do you have any online build description, or any written instructions, or perhaps some detail pictures of some of your solutions? It would really help me out. The problem is that I live in Sweden, which makes it kind of hard for me to come to any of your workshops…
    I must also say I really enjoy your and Rez’s work. Listened to Live bootleg yesterday. One of the best live albums ever.
    God bless.
    Fredrik H

    1. Hi Fredrik,

      Thanks for your response here!

      I have in fact done some video on building and even written on methods but really need to get this stuff together well enough to publish- which I will in time. Family, touring, recording and other matters of course take time so such writing/video from me on building will have to wait, but it’s absolutely on my list of “to-do’s”! Thanks for your kind words!


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