SWEET Weekend Shows, Update

Some of the kindest folks (promoters & crowd, both) in Hoopeston and Bloomington, Illinois this past weekend. I can’t tell you how much Wendi and I enjoyed our time in both spots!

Working on linking with more Chicago-area cigarbox guitar peeps. I may soon offer a slew of workshops. More on that as my schedule begins to make more sense… many shows and tour work pending…

Right now enjoying sleeping in our own bed for a bit 🙂 Well, not RIGHT NOW but glad to be home for a bit.

Writing more songs… inspiration hits when it hits so the joy of technology via my Android phone with lyric-writing, singing ideas into the recorder and saving/posting to myself are all great helps.

Been enjoying reading some stuff from this site on independent music issues a close friend passed on to me. Some good, deep thinking (though not in agreement with all of it of course) on how to navigate various waters re. music, marketing and so on: http://thecynicalmusician.com/category/cat-blog/

So glad snow is coming… farmers and all who benefit from their hard work- are in need of snow and rain for the Midwest drought to be eased… crops don’t just “happen”.

So now on to other work, family, laundry 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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