Misc Update, P12 Tour, New CD & DVD Release Info.

Been touring like a maniac, lots going on so I decided to just post it all at once here… hope that isn’t crazy for those reading…

I spent a great weekend with old (and new) friends in San Diego (Park Chapel) doing blues and worship, amazing folks with great hearts doing great work in the inner city there!

Next I was able to bring a short blues set, shared in a panel discussion on worship, art and culture and just loved attending teaching sessions as well as hangin’ with friends at Ev. Cov. MidWinter in S. Diego. EXcellent teaching on the week, amazing and encouraging fellowship with folks from all over the place.

Finished that part of the trip at BFC headquarters (Rushing Wind) in Oceanside, again many old and some new friends, Full Throttle Band rocked- enjoyed playing with them… and a number of very cool bikes out there as usual 🙂

Flew home for appx. an 11 hour stop with my sweet Wendi, then off to Orlando and a regional Rainbow gathering in the Ocala National Forest ImageImageImage for several days with our Project12 team working alongside several other very cool ministries to bring love, good food and music to hungry peeps.ImageImageImageImage

Then we drove up to Hebron (best drug rehab work I know of) near Bloomington, Indiana for several days.

I brought some stuff for cigarbox and canjo guitar-making which I did around the campfire in Florida. Gave all but one away to people in the forest, played the little 2 stringer slider you see here up at Hebron during our concert for the men one evening.

Each spot was inspiring for sure, sweet friends, chats, music, some tears as well… and as per my last post re. my friend Tommy.ImageImage

Web (even phone) availability was in and out in some of these places so it gave me time to sleep, read, focus and try to keep pace which by God’s grace I did.

WHAT A GIFT to be home with Wendi and family and to sleep in my own bed again. 20 days is a long time and frankly, not my choice… but I try to pay attention, listen, truly hear and then do what I’m called to.

So I took a zillion pics from all this travel, posting only a handful here mostly from Florida and a couple from Indiana.ImageImage

Soon we’ll post a fresh set of show bookings that are confirmed. Hang in there, it may take a day or two. Please note you can always find that info. in the Shows section at: http://www.grrrrecords.com

Last but not least, Grrr Records is about to release a live cd and companion dvd of myself and Joe Filikso (friend and harmonica genius) from our 2012 set at Cornerstone Festival. Check the Grrr site as they’ll let us all know when these will be shipping or available for downloading.

Joe and I have done recording together as well as a number of shows- more of both are coming in the future.

Thanks so much for stopping by! -Glenn

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