A Continual Not-So-Superbowl?

There is something among people- Christians at times must be included- where a “pecking order” is either established or sought after by those desiring whatever it is they’re not getting in the moment.

As we approach another Super Bowl I think about competition, and have long thought men are worse about this than women, though women surely fall into the trap at times as well.

Who gets the best (fill-in-the-blank) and “where’s MINE?” or simply working to fly under the radar to grasp what at times not even God wants us to have are temptations that come our way on occasion.

From coveting your neighbor’s spouse, house, job or skills, their hobby, a demanding of recognition of one’s (real or imagined) spiritual gifts, to competing for a position or (real or imagined) calling… it’s all about me. Not. But you know what I mean and that should tell you something.

How do I know about this?

I was the 3rd and last kid in our family. I saw my brother and sister fight for prominence and just be contentious (as many siblings are) for the last few years we were all in the same house.

A friend suffers from past abuse mixed with his own present failing and unwillingness to stay put in any place for any length of time to grow and heal and now demands his way (utter control is the only way to feel safe for him) and if his way isn’t respected and heeded, it becomes a scorched-earth lifestyle. No hope of redemption in that.

Another very close friend struggles with sibling rivalry and contention over the estate of their late parents.

Pecking order, competition, self-righteous demands, petty judgments, welcome to the world we live in- and sometimes the local or even larger church!

Then again, for what sin did Jesus NOT die for?

Is there anything too hard for God? Is there no way out of chasing our own tail and back-biting others to find a sense of personal value, worth, peace of mind and heart, right relationships? MUST our lives morph into “hit-and-run” on a continual basis until we have nobody left who wants to be around us due to our own bitterness and guilt (yes… both are usually part of the soup).

We know we can’t blame ALL our ills on “them”, don’t we? Or do we really know that?

It may be convenient to point the finger at everyone else but if you’re miserable please be sure you’ve contributed to your own pain. Really.

Nobody but yourself and God truly knows what’s in your head and heart, and if it’s not love and forgiveness, grace and a loving obedience to Him, true servanthood and genuine care for the spiritual nurture of others, then it really IS about you and what you want. Fail. Major fail!

This is at times an unfortunate cycle people fall into. I’ve been tempted to go there plenty.

At such times my thoughts boil down to two basic things:

What Jesus has done for me -“He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God through Him”.


I consider the reality that a whole lot of folks have issues that absolutely Tower over my petty pains.

The first doesn’t mean I’m instantly healed and the second doesn’t diminish my own hurt… but both help me to keep what I think is a more spiritually sane perspective.

The option is to keep your eyes and feelings focused on yourSELF and eat the gravel you’re essentially smashing up and filling your mouth with most every day. What you help cook is what ends up in your bowl.

Like Gollum, your “precious” is destroying you. Only Jesus and right relationships with the people of God can bring healing.

Your move. In that sense, it’s all about you. Reach up and out or shrivel up. Repent where you must, walk out loving service right where you are. In my view and experience, these are the godly options.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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