Jan. 16 Updates, Updates


I like dates! My Wendi and I just had one to see The Hobbit… very fun in 3D no less!

I’ve been writing more and more tunes, much in cigarbox/found-object guitar mode but some for a typical 6 stringer as well. Another project in the works.

Got some fresh guitar pick ideas in my head, when finished and available we’ll let you know… custom picks I’m doing and/or having made up.

Researching a longer sort of project, that of doing some low-budget (read LOW-budget) artsy projection during (evennnnnntually) some 6 or 7 songs of my sets with a small screen setup so folks can get into (God help us all!) my creative side a bit more while I’m doing live solo blues sets on my funky guitars. Long-term project because I’ll be using my own photos, bits of art, script and some public domain pics and art in order to give folks another feel for what I’m trying to convey via some of my tunes. Think “pin-hole black and white, etc.” weirdness.

Getting the booking together, several opportunities, trying to make sense out of where, when and how, especially regarding my Wendi and her arthritis. I’m learning more how to help her out each day and evening- a good thing and a WORTHY woman and the love of my life!

In fact we’re trying to go see Lincoln (the movie…) in another day or so, then I have the weekend shows and a service to do (see my last post here in posterous for that).

Had another amazing night at Cook County Jail with the Willow Creek team… a lot of men really serious about Jesus and the Willow folks are truly genuine folks. Enjoying getting to know the officers on duty as well, some good peeps there. So many guys caught up in the drug scene trying to finally get clean. Been there-done that so I hopefully bring them some hope. The small group was just the best… encouraging to me!

So I built a number of guitars (all slide) for friends and folks interested, Christmas gifts and such, building over the holidays and since, and here are a few of ’em. Tried out several new ways of construction and integrating what I personally like best re. playing and sound. Fun being creative! Here you see photos of some of ’em.

Fair warning- I have some pretty intense things to say in near-future blogs…

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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