Misc. January 2013 Update

I’m encouraged in many ways, growing and being stretched in many ways!

I had an older blog post my email program finally decided to upload here… so got rid of that post as it was about Christmas… which is of course, past:)

Wendi’s arthritis has been difficult for her and I’m learning to help out and be more of a servant to her in the process- a good thing, but so hard for her with pain off and on, mostly on. Thanks for prayers.

I have more and more sense to focus on shows in the Chicago metro area or say, a couple hours from home so I can of more help to her. There are times I’ll be further afield such as in San Diego in a few weeks for a service, for Ev. Cov. Mid-winter meetings and up in Oceanside for a show. But I’m picking and choosing ever more carefully re. requests that take me out for any length of time.

I’ve also got 3 recording projects waiting to track, have written a whole lot of songs for each of them but just don’t know about recording details at this point. A bit early in the process, but I’m very happy with the songs and approach for each.

Doing a fair bit with jail ministry.

I also expect to do more online this year as well- everything from interviewing people I think have good things to offer as well as certain things I might help others with via teaching and the like.

A number of opportunities are in the mix for me to build and also do more cigarbox and found-object guitar and bass-building workshops, great fun and it’s always cool to hear ’em when finished because you never really know what you’ll get until then. I have several designs and configurations just waiting to be set loose as well!

So… a lot of calendar planning for me in the next while, and we’ll see what the Lord does 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn



  1. 70 degrees in Phoenix :). "Celebrex" helps with my arthritic knee. Man, what would it take to bring you and Darrell Mansfield out to play at Alice Coopers Genesis Ministry? I’d treat you to Bill Johnson’s Arizona’s own BBQ sauce.( Better than the 2 cases of Stubbs Texas Sauce I gave you and Wendi’s dad at C-stone one year ).

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