Heat :)

It’s winter in Chicago, but hey: I love heat! Really. Well, I rather appreciate cooler weather, but hot sauce and screamin’ salza are my idea of a good time. So one of my good friends always hits me with great sauce every Christmas and this year w…

It’s winter in Chicago, but hey:


I love heat! Really. Well, I rather appreciate cooler weather, but hot
sauce and screamin’ salza are my idea of a good time.

So one of my good friends always hits me with great sauce every
Christmas and this year was no different.

In fact, I just finished a bowl of his chili with it… yeaaahhhhsah! Rockin’.

Then again- some heat is simply painful.

So many folks give good and sane input while some are so tied up with
guilt from past sin, confusion and/or rebellion against God, they’re
essentially a walking ball of pain inside.

There are plenty of bitter folks on this earth and plenty who “share
the wealth”.

If you’re in ministry, if you’re called and care to serve you will
eventually if not regularly end up facing off (yes…) with hurting
folks who hurt others. You will also hurt them as you (and I) are no
more sinless/perfect/flawless than anyone else on the planet.

So at some point forgiving- and asking forgiveness is part of the
relationship. Then again, I find when I do give to or serve an
individual in the exact way they wish, I’m a “good bud”. If for any
reason, I seem to get in the way of, or do not help them get whatever
it may be they either want or believe they need from me (right or
wrong, seemingly scriptural or not, in the Spirit or in the flesh on
my part) I become the enemy. That’s life in this fallen world folks,
and to get out of “the line of fire” one must either always give vague
(or non) answers, pass the buck and send them to others (sometimes
exactly right as we don’t always have what they need) or otherwise
help folks get X, Y or Z, regardless of one’s own conscience or best
judgment in the situation.

That is, sometimes it seems God is saying no -and you better prepare
to feel the heat!

There have been moments when I wanted to ask a person if it was the
agape love of God they were trying to bring my way, or toward others
they were shooting at?! It’s a sad fact this is how some folks
self-medicate, it’s their (non-working, unscriptural) form of

What’s also sad about this is that there are many who no longer serve
Jesus or His church (larger or local church) on any real basis just
because of the pain of working with painful folks.

It’s simply part of the call of all Christ-followers to serve, but we
have a lot to say about whether we’ll serve others or not. Often, it
-is- easier to just do something else or work with someone else. I
don’t love pain either, but sometimes God puts me right in the middle
of such situations. Whew.

Are there times to cut ties to a person or people? Certainly.

But I do think it’s easier to keep moving than to keep growing up in
both spiritual maturity as well as relationships locally. This is a
problem with no one-size-fits-all answers.

God, His Word and His love compel us to speak the truth in love or keep quiet.

There is a time to bite one’s tongue and simply pray for God’s mercy
and grace in a difficult person’s life. There -is- a time to confront,
but there is also a time to take the hit(s), forgive, pray and walk
on. None of us will ever BE Jesus to another, and to somehow think we
have all the answers for everyone is and shall always be a sick joke.

So- heat? Absolutely!

Does everyone take it as hot as the next person? Certainly not.

Are we all really called to deal with, be patient with, apologize to,
forgive and sometimes cut ties with extremely hurting people? I think
the answer is “of course”… at times.

Or one can blow off serving others and simply stay as far away from
hurting, broken people as possible… and not face the fact we’re all
hurting, broken and sometimes disagreeable people who also drive
others nuts!

Grace is something to share, not grasp. Truth is something none of us
has the final understanding of in this life- only God fully sees the
entire picture clearly and is absolutely correct in all His dealings
with us!

So heat is part of this life. Thank God- because of Jesus we don’t
have to face it in the next!

Meanwhile, it is what it is. Bless Him, the Comforter/Counselor/God
the Holy Spirit carries us through.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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