Christmas and SO MUCH MORE.

Our Advent service was amazing and again tonight, the Christmas Eve. gathering again just touching and beautiful.

Friends old and young, carols, hymns and THE Greatest Story ever told.

Great food, cool gifts, kids having a blast, hot cider, cold nog, a very family and extended family night. Blessed!

Jesus came into our world so we could be truly blessed, truly born, born all over again, a spiritual birth that is beyond mere belief. I say it that way because faith, though both a gift and essential (yes, a choice and a path to follow Jesus in) it comes down to fact and reality, not mere belief.

What God says is. You and I can believe it or not, nothing will change what the Author of truth considers truth.

One can believe the sky is non-existent but in the end, it is.

“I Am”… -is-. So… how do I know?

Yes, faith, but also “circumstances” -over 42 years of them via following this Infant King Jesus Who unlike you or I, isn’t in the end, stopped nor changed by anything or anyone. God is like that. He reveals Himself as He chooses.

Jesus -is- Emmanuel, God with us.

What a difference He has made in my life! Some might say from these addictions to those… from drugs, sex and the worst of them: -self- addiction to a Christ-addiction. And they’d be correct. Absolutely.

He has proven Himself real in my life over and over in more ways that I can number. Perhaps another time I’ll write a long blog on just how many ways and situations that only a total Neanderthal would believe (ahh… faith… hmmm?) didn’t happen exactly as they happened. Mere coincidence? Not even close, and too many times no other sane explanation than God present in my life.

But for now, Merry CHRISTmas and know that there is a God who is seeking you out. Love is like that. No… love IS Him.

Merry Christmas everyone. And Happy Birthday Lord Jesus!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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