Tapestry Show

Wow. What a beautiful, gracious night!

Ami and Brock were as always, amazing. Great songs, well performed, all enjoyed them as I knew they would.

They both joined me at the top of my set and on the last tune (Silent Night).

I actually used a bit more typical guitar than I had originally planned but wanted to keep things simple on the night. The cigarbox guitars and diddley bow came out toward the end of the set and as usual seemed an inspiration (so I was told by several folks afterwards) to many.

The kids were so sweet, playing, singing and sharing in the songs, lots of Christmas carols/hymns and such.

I also accented “Why a blues Christmas?” in terms of the many poor, homeless, hungry and addicted, the many servicemen and women in great need and often distress, the fact that for some this is their first Christmas without a loved one that had been there for many years.

But really, a nice crowd on the Friday before Christmas (I wondered if many would make it out but they sure did) so it was a gift to us.

The Tapestry crew are very sweet, kept the many treats, tea and coffee coming. Their venue is just amazing, what a cool atmosphere!

And my recent bout with a rocking cough/chest cold only kept me down to about 80 percent of the vocals I wanted to bring. Grace. Sweet grace of Jesus.

So I trust those reading will find and make time to think, pray, read the Bible story of the greatest love that the world can ever experience!

As a young girl who shared during Ami’s set fairly well said, “Christ IS Christmas”. Amen.

Blessed Advent, the waiting is almost over.

Oh.. and right near the end of the night I did a short rendition of “Where Have all the Mayans Gone”… heck, this being the end of the world and all 🙂 Oops… I see it’s Saturday already… when will we ever learn… when will we ever learn?

May God BLESS you and yours with a truly Merry CHRISTmas! -Glenn


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