Last Night’s Show in Chicago


Nice, gracious time last night in Chicago. One more pre-Christmas set next week on Fri. Dec. 21, then leading worship at JPUSA on the 23rd, then Christmas with family. Praying a lot for those suffering in Connecticut… whew how incredibly difficult for all involved.

Had a small but -very- kind crowd last night and I decided to only bring cigarbox and found-object guitars on this particular set. Thanks to Rocky and God's Garage on West Fullerton in Chicago for a blessed night.

Turned out a bro. from Arkansas named Savitri (spelling??) came by with his guitar and even opened (did a brilliant set) with quite a flair. He's from Louisiana but spent time in Texas and now lives in northwestern Arkansas. Gifted guitarist and singer for sure.

A couple friends came by and made the night special for me on several levels, one of which was that the bro. had about 8 really (really!) cool cigar boxes for me to build guitars with. Made my night!

At the end of the night Savitri loaned me his guitar for two songs but the rest I played on the gits you see here.

Left-to-right they are:

–A four string antique bedpan slide guitar given me as a gift from Albuquerque's own Mark Bush- aka Rat Daddy. Here's a clip with one of his gits with himself right near the end:??

–My Shane Speal Special (my name for 'er), a three stringer which he made for me, nice flatpup (pickup) on this one… even has a gear shift!

–My GrrrBox (three stringer), my signature guitar based on several ideas, the neck-on-top concept from Crow Richardson who along with Shane Speal, you can search for and find over at

–The first guitar of this sort I ever made, from a little metal cookie tin and a few old tuners I had laying around

–My diddley bow (one stringer) complete with hot sauce bottle "bridge" and I think an acoustic A string wound up to whatever pitch 🙂 I ended up using this for Joy to the World!

Also on the bench there are my two brass-accented Joe Filiksko-built harmonicas (in G and A) and a copper slide for the guitars.

This was mostly a blues set, and I added a few Christmas songs as well. On the 21st I'll be at Tapestry Fellowship in Chicago along with The Unfortunate and my solo set will be totally comprised of Christmas songs along with sharing the biblical Christmas story.

Oh, didn't take a pic of one but last night I used a new portable piezo pickup I commissioned a good and talented friend to make me several of. As my 2×4 diddley didn't have a pickup I just wedged it under the bottle and also did the same with another one under the eye-bolt bridge on my original cookie tin guitar. They sounded great!

Picked up a Boss tremelo foot pedal a few weeks ago and all of these via my little Trimmed & Burnin' amp rocked very nicely on the night… or so I"m told 🙂

I've written a lot of songs this past year and hope to do a full-blown cigarbox guitar project for release at some point in 2013. More on that as things progress.

May God Bless your Advent season, may we focus on Jesus throughout the tears, joy and graces given us.

Thanks for stopping by,?? -Glenn


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