CCO Holiday Show AND: Tomorrow Night’s Blues Set in Chicago


GKB did our blues/rock set along with Hilde & Aracely and band (hip Christmas songs set), Steffie and Lee (Irish step dance) and Leper (melodic and cool goth-rock). The music sets were awesome. Yes, it's eclectic because Grrr Records is! We do this annually at Cornerstone Community Outreach (inner-city JPUSA shelter serving many hundreds with shelter, clothing, food, job-training and parenting skills and more).

The place was packed, longtime friends came and visited and it was truly cool.

The Christmas show means the dining hall tables with food, cake and candy, trimmed Christmas trees (3 of 'em this year!), lots of decorations and a great deal of love, laughing, dancing and kids going nuts in time to the music. I've included a few pics from last night here. Truly a fun time every year!


Tomorrow night I'm doing a solo blues set at God's Garage on west Fullerton Ave. in Chicago -details in the Shows section at


Next week is present-making/shopping time, then a final Christmas blues (you read that right) set at Tapestry on Irving Park Road in Chicago. More on that soon… I may be announcing a very talented opening group for that show. Details of that show are also at the Grrr Records site.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy Jesus this Advent! -Glenn



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