Thanks For…?


So I was in the woods in west-central Illinois last weekend… and in two separate spots, one in the morning and the other late afternoon, 18… yep… and then 12 (on the second day) mature wild turkeys fed right by me at about 30 yards. Total: 30.

And it is indeed Thanksgiving here in the U.S.!

So with apologies to my Canadian friends (hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful no matter the choice of foods), we arrive at another one in my country.

After a tense and often rather merciless election cycle, with so many economic, weather-related, sometimes family and personal burdens to bear what exactly are we giving thanks FOR?

My (very, very short) short list?

I give thanks to God for Jesus Christ- His sacrifice on the cross for my sins, His promise of eternal life. Then for my incredible, merciful wife, amazing kids and grandkids, other in-laws and extended family, friends and blessed church family.

I'm super thankful for nearly 60 years of good health -and Lord knows I did enough drugs early on, have carried too much weight most of my life, and lived a pretty triple-A personality life so good health for me has been a truly unearned and amazing gift!

I thank God for creative ideas, friends who support me in them and at times help me with caution/counsel/shaving off the edges (plenty of those) in my pursuits. I'm thankful for godly and wise friends who care about my spiritual life, the spiritual and other areas of health of my family. Such family and friends are sweet and humbling gifts.

For enough hearing to still hear (mostly!), enough eyesight to see this computer screen even without my reading glasses, I give God thanks.

My memory has never been fabulous in some areas, but I thank Jesus for deep and lasting memories of many years of grace in my life with Wendi, family and co-ministers. I'm deeply thankful for patient and longsuffering (with me) band mates.

That anyone even gives a rip about what I think or that I can help anyone in even a small way is a miracle and reason for me to give thanks. I thank Him for calling me, choosing me and giving me the grace, mercy, forgiveness and basic power to live my life as opposed to just doing the selfish kingdom-building routine. Oh trust me, I'm plenty selfish. I just mean I'm truly grateful as I look back on His compassion in using me to help anyone get closer to Him at all. I really don't think much of anything else I do comes close in value.

OK, so sometimes I actually love the Lord and people in a genuine way. That is truly only a gift from God. I'm more a recipient of it than I cause it. I believe this to be fully true.

I'm so thankful for spiritual and musical gifts as well as simple abilities to serve, though I confess I'm often not close to the servant I should be.

"What have you been given that isn't a gift?" James writes.

And so here is another Thanksgiving when I can only trust in His mercy and offer thanks, praise and worship to my heavenly Father for gifting me- and gifting me with so many of you.

Now, I do indeed appreciate the bird, sides, and desert on the day 🙂 I like NFL football. But all of this is only the asterisk to the gifts I've listed here above.

Blessed Thanksgiving friends! Thanks too for stopping by. -Glenn

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