STILL the Best Quote Re. Artists I’ve Read

Every so often I must post this one. The brilliance of it struck me again
today so…

“Great artists have always been at the edge of growing awareness about
what was happening in any society. They have been not just
entertainers, but poets, painters, agitators, teachers and even
prophets. It seems their gift to us is to help us see vividly what is
taking place around us; to raise our awareness about social
conditions, about our natural surroundings, to call for a response to
human beauty and tragedy, to help us get inside the skin of others.
Perhaps the greatest moments for artists are when they move us towards
justice, mercy and compassion. Maybe then they are fulfilling their
real destiny as artists and human beings”.

-“Tell”, Australian Christian magazine, Vol. 16, No. 3, Sept.-Nov., 1987

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