A 3-String 12’er??!!

Actually, it’s more of a two string slide sort of build. I think I’ll
call it One Plus Two 🙂

All but the eyebolts (tuners) were found in our local wood shop trash
bin, and I had decided I wanted to build the body out of whatever wood
I could find, ditto the neck.

So I had been thinking about two things:

First, a “two-string” build that actually uses 3 strings, one single
string for low end and a doubled-up high note as in a 12 string guitar
where the strings are doubled yet tuned to the same pitch.

Secondly, I wanted to use a different sort of build with a couple
bolt-washer-nut combos right through the body but also a neck that is
slotted into another block of wood that runs through the body, sort of
a neck-in-a-glove arrangement.

it ended up looking much cooler than my cellphone pics here (not the
greatest light in that particular room but I was ready to call it a

I used acoustic strings, the low one is .045 or so, the two high one’s
are .017’s all tuned to an A.

The strings are rather high off the neck but no matter, it’s a slide
guitar. . Sounds really nice actually, and the neck is in tight but
can be taken out easily for flying or whatever, just broken down and
packed inside a suitcase easily. No pickup but maybe later if I get
the itch for it to have one.

I didn’t measure the scale but from tip of neck to end of body it’s
just under 25 inches long so very small and nice.

Another proof of concept build 🙂

I love creative ideas that work, even though it’s imperfect… ha… like me!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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