Blow Wind Blow!

Greetings from the Windy City!

Here in Chicago the weather has turned and another autumn is in the works.

Seems like every year I write about this season in particular -and I
admit it’s my favorite.

Each new year brings changes and this autumn things are not as they
were last year at this time.

Some friends have gone to be in the presence of the Lord, some have
fallen away from Him. For some there
is great spiritual growth while others seem to sit on the same plateau
they’ve been on for some time.

Like trees with falling leaves we need to let the old come down as the
Wind of the Spirit carries away
that which no longer has life.

What was once beautiful to us now may look dead and decayed. So be it!
Let it go.

Too many of us camp out in a spot almost paralyzed by fear of change.

Myself and many others have said it for years: if you don’t want a
changed life- and for that matter
one that will continually sprout new growth through the seasons of
life, then don’t follow Jesus

When He told them (as He tell us) “Come, follow Me” He means it.
Following Him produces various
changes that may look like loss- and in one sense they are. But
without autumn and winter there will
be no Spring!

As one of the songs we sometimes sing goes, “Blow wind blow, burn fire burn”!

Jesus said “The Wind blows where He wills”, and that which cannot and
should not last will not.

Ahhh… the scent of burning leaves in the fall! Nice. Grace is very
much alive 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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