Misc. Update

Amazing times for the Kaiz this past week…

I spent most of last week interacting and teaching, leading worship
and just being encouraged by the in-coming Project 12 discipleship
group students and of course, staff. I serve with some true gems. The
campout at Indiana Dunes (you can see pics in my earlier blog) was
really a fun break. We finished with a rocking grilled dinner and
bonfire/communion time on Sunday night back here in Chicago.

I’ve enjoyed interaction with my grandkids during this time as well-
been truly blessed with each one of these wonderful boys!!

Built some canjoes and as you’ve likely seen (here in the blog) by
now, messed around with one of my diddley bows and my Droid phone’s
video program. As usual I have several creative plans for builds and
maybe can make a little time for some this week… we’ll see how the
schedule unfolds.

Last night I was able to bring the music (via cigarbox guitars) and
message along with my friends at the Willow Creek CCJ (Cook County
Jail) team who go into Division 14 (all drug-related offenses) each
Monday night. It’s always a deep time for everyone involved and last
night was the best yet. We had both the largest number of staff along
with the largest number of men ever… and that on a Bears-Cowboys
game night no less. Pretty cool. No offense to my TX friends but I do
love the Bears -who… uhh… won 🙂

I brought a message on addiction and recovery (scripture and personal
experience) and from the de-brief discussions with the rest of the WC
staff as well as my own one-on-one chats and prayer with a large
number of men, they linked tight with what they heard -and best of all
with Jesus Himself in the midst of their various situations. A cookin’
night for sure!

And it’s October, just about my favorite month of the year!

Today I focus on some solo booking stuff and later with my sweet Wendi
and grandsons 🙂

I’ m so grateful to God for His grace, so aware I’ve been given so much. Whew!

It’s been a blessed couple weeks- and I hope the same for those of you
reading here.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. And Mark from the streets… I wanted to let you know that this week I was at a conference in Lancaster. I met a homeless man named Mark that remembered the kindness you showed to him once long ago. I think your kindness from before, gave us access to him today. He mentioned how misunderstood he was early in christianity, and even with me growing up in the 80’s, kind of remembered how hard it was for any band that I liked to be understood by the older generation. I think some of that is changing, but George from Silverwind past.. was speaking today at a conference I attended. He had everyone stand up that got saved during the Jesus People movement. He honored what God did then. I had wished you could have known, that that homeless man stood to his feet, and he’s been in His presence all day remembering those years ago. We’re blessed to be an extension of your garden of kindness. Hope we tend it well…

  2. Pam, <br/> <br/>What a kind word. Thank you. What is difficult is that we know so many <br/>"Marks" who are still so very lost and in need of open hearts, <br/>listening ears and who can offer help -without- a zillion strings <br/>attached. Some strings are perhaps needed in certain areas, but <br/>overall I think we may sometimes take stewardship (as in "return for <br/>investment" far too far to the exent of just turning people away from <br/>Jesus. The other fact of course, is that petty things like music or <br/>even worship styles are fought over with real anger while folks like <br/>Mark simply get left in the spiritual cold. <br/> <br/>Yes, the Jesus Movement wasn’t about majoring in the minors, at least <br/>not in the beginning. Too many weren’t accountable and that’s largely <br/>why it imploded in my view and experience. But God’s grace is always <br/>sufficient!! <br/> <br/>Bless you, thanks for sharing and such kind words. Let’s bless Him and <br/>others as we’re able! -Glenn

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