Diddley Uno

Here’s a fresh one-string Diddley Bow. I must say I’ve built these before but this is my fave so far… inspired by One String Willie, a new friend I met this summer at the Cigar Box Guitar Festival in York, PA. They were nice enough to invite me back in 2013 so Lord willing I’ll be there again!

Anyhow, this is simply part of a Blind Willie Johnson tune taken straight into my HTC Droid Incredible phone via camcorder program. No nice mic, nada.

Two important points, and I’m in no way lying: the cross behind me wasn’t something I planned on being in the shot, nor was the phone sliding off it’s mount (on top of a can from canjo in front of the diddleydow) at the exact moment I was singing the lyric “God’s on the floor”. I’ll let you figure that one out.

Ha. Here are some still shots of what I’m playing and the vid clip as well.

This IS about as simple as it gets re. one-string slide guitar… a small section of dowel rod as a beater, a couple hot sauce bottles (one for a “bridge”, one for “slide”) 2 nails into trash 2×4 and a hunk of the 2×4 as a “nut”. You take a wound (in my case, I like lower sounding strings mostly for these things) acoustic guitar string and wind it on. I added a couple drywall screws to hold the “nut” hunk of wood tight.

As always, I figure out where my main notes are and mark ’em with a sharpie marker. Go.

No pickup on it yet, but there will be. Tuned to an A but I frankly don’t recall what gauge string it is… sorry!

Oh- “Diddley Uno” cuz some nice folks selling bbq and hot sauce gifted me with a bottle at the York Fest. Made a groove in the 2×4 and put their hottest “Cuban Missle Crisis” bottle tight in there for a bridge. Left a little sauce in case I’m ever in need on a gig!

Proof of concept, not pristine work here!! -Glenn

5 thoughts on “Diddley Uno

  1. Very nice, I have made one myself this Summer (Summer in the UK, that is).I have some advice to ask of you, and can’t find any other way of doing so. I’m fifteen years old and am currently on the eve of chosing my A levels. A couple of years ago, I’d decided to be a doctor. Sounded a good "Christian thing to do," what with helping the needy and so on. Mum and Dad loved the idea, but mainly because it sounded stable and had high wages. Recently, and here’s the problem, I started receiving prophecies that I was going to be a musician. They were coming from all over the place; God gave them to me, my friends and to travelling preachers who’d never met me and had no idea how crazy I was about music. It was getting weird.Often, I receive prophecies and guidance, and – as a rule – follow without questions. This, however, is hard. Though, following the advice of God has always got me to a place I could never have otherwise got to, I can’t bring myself to take such a risk. I’ll go up to strangers telling them the prophecies God has given me about them, but I can’t even seem to make my own A level choices! What’s wrong with me?So, I face a dilemma. Mum and Dad are there trying to keep my music as a "simpple hobby not to interfere with studies," and I, in the meantime, are desperately trying to find a way to get somewhere with it that isn’t the heap of musicians who’ve tried and failed.I don’t even know what advice I’m looking for, but I just had a feeling that you would be the hero of mine to give it to me. I think I could do it. Lots of people tell me I could, but it’s a leap of Faith that I don’t know if I’m ready to make. Is there a way of scraping through, while keeping your options open? Probably not. Thanks so much.God bless you.

  2. Hey Joe, :)what means " a heap of musicians who’ve tried and failed" if you look after the meaning of that words in your soul (not in your intellect)? What means God to you?Trust in God.————-For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ??? Psalm 139:13-14 (NIV)Today???s commentary by Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor, GraceNYC.orgGods greatest work is not the Grand Canyon or Mount Kilimanjaro???its us. The knitting of God brought about a creation that is unique in every way. Yet one of the hardest things for us to admit is that Gods work (us) is wonderful. We are surrounded by the commentary of a broken world that tells us that we are worthless and we have believed it. But the Psalmist reminds us to praise our Creator, for focusing upon God brings us back to the original script for our lives.

  3. Joe, <br/> <br/>Thanks for writing! I hope I can give you sound advice worth taking. <br/> <br/>I also had a number of people prophesy over me re. music ministry <br/>early-on. So here’s my advice to you: <br/> <br/>SCRIPTURE- <br/>Prophecies happen, some are solid, some not, there are true and false <br/>prophets. What people say of course needs to line up -solidly- with <br/>The Bible or you’re on thin ice from the start. <br/> <br/>PEOPLE/MENTORS/PRAYERFUL ACCOUNTABLE, ON-GOING RELATIONSHIPS <br/>Next, I’m hoping you have a solid pastor and godly mentors (parents, <br/>youth pastor, wise local church folk (note how often I use that term <br/>"solid"… meaning stable, sound, feet-on-ground, <br/>connected-to-the-Truth-of-The-BOOK, not butterfly/feeling/endorphin <br/>stuff) who -know- you and can speak into your life from that <br/>relationship, knowledge and wisdom of who you are and what your <br/>spiritual gifts and natural talents truly are. <br/> <br/>If all this sounds like I take a dim view of prophecy I do not. But <br/>simply because someone says Thus saith the Lord doesn’t mean God has <br/>said anything. Then again, there are times, timing involved as to when <br/>to move or not, and -how- to do or not do what God may indeed be <br/>leading us to do. All of this figures in. <br/> <br/>TESTING- PRACTICAL CLUES TO PROFESSION/MISSION <br/>Your A Levels can help in a common-sense approach if they include (do <br/>they?) anything like our aptitude and likely profession testing taken <br/>in our own high schools as we approach graduation. These are tests <br/>that at least help one get a sense of what one may indeed be best <br/>suited for and even -want- to do in terms of profession interests. Do <br/>your A Levels include anything like this? <br/> <br/>MORE COMMON (UNCOMMON??) SENSE <br/>"Our times are in His hands". Believe it, it’s true! Take it slow. <br/>Pray, ask your pastor or youth pastor if the Lord might use you in <br/>your local fellowship first. Consider simple children’s ministry with <br/>music. What is the mission need in terms of music? Worship? <br/>Evangelistic? Art/story songs in coffeehouse? Simple children’s songs? <br/>What style? Do you sing and play guitar or keyboard? Is there a need <br/>for a music/minister/musicianary right where you are in your local <br/>church or church stream, perhaps right in your town or slightly <br/>farther away? <br/> <br/>What sort of a living can be provided by music in your situation? You <br/>have to (you’ve already mentioned this, wisely) face the fact that <br/>many folks indeed try and fail at making a living via music. Music <br/>might be part-time whilst working as a hospital intern or nurse or in <br/>a local free-clinic might enable you to experience both simultaneously <br/>after you’ve finished A Levels. <br/> <br/>Are there low-cost and/or summer mission trip opportunities available <br/>where you might serve in simple help to doctors/nurses and/or bring <br/>music (vocal and guitar or ??) to a local or farther-away mission <br/>trip? Such experience can help to direct you this way or that. <br/> <br/>Are you willing to sacrifice time and other "fun" pursuits to learn, <br/>grow and serve in a couple areas, perhaps one paid and the other not <br/>or for very little income? Are your parents going to lose their minds <br/>and boot you out of the house over this or do you have another place <br/>to live if it gets that intense? <br/> <br/>All of these are things to pray about, talk over with solid, wise, <br/>trusted people who have been down the path longer and have got the <br/>experience(s) from which to offer you input. It’s absolutely best if <br/>those who already know you, your temperament, your gifts and skills <br/>and who can pray for you and give you solid advice right where you are <br/>are the people you link with now. <br/> <br/>Please feel free to have your parents, pastor and other godly adults <br/>read what I’ve written here and discuss it. <br/> <br/>Praying for you Joe- let me know how it goes please! Lord give you <br/>wisdom, grace and guidance! <br/> <br/>His, yours, <br/>-Glenn

  4. Hi Glenn,Thanks for getting back to me."Aptitude and likely profession testing"? Do you really expect the totally impractical UK to come up with something as sensible as that? The government like to leave young people out in the cold with regards to choices.I really appreciate the help and will be sure to get back to you. It’s great to have someone like you to offer advice; someone who’s been there, done that and bought the proverbial t-shirt.Most of all, thanks for the prayers.God bless you.

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