Project 12 Campout: The Gathering 2012

I wrote this late at night a couple nights ago. I’ll post more pics in a bit! Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Tonight I lie on a warm sleeping bag listening to the surf and wafts of wind blowing in through the woods on the western shore of Lake Michigan here in northwestern Indiana.

Several of our students and staff are quietly chatting around the campfire and both myself and my (shared) tent are scented by woodsmoke. I like it.

Earlier a bro. and I talked about camping and I recalled one of many such experiences with a long lost friemd. We had gotten caught in a hard rain, flooding and mudding us out in only one short night that time.

The campout I’m writing from tonight is with our Project 12 discipleship group and the weather is nicely dry and cool.

One never knows how the weather- or people… might change.

The power of God”s love and truth of His Word, honest and open fellowship all help to weather any storm. Then again, some may resist any or all of these and the results are washouts and mud.

As usual Brian cooked amazing meals!

So… like “living stones” that make up part of the Lord’s house.

There is promise among these brothers and sisters. We will keep the fire lit.


3 thoughts on “Project 12 Campout: The Gathering 2012

  1. Yep Leah, with Dawn on the mend yet needing care and to be near a hospital, Curt and Wendi teaching and their availability for her also it made more sense to work from 920 and take a couple days camping nearby. Worked really well! -Glenn

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