Some Like it HOT.


I admit to several obsessions-

Seeking to follow Jesus, live more in and better reflect His love, Linux operating systems (especially very small “live” Linux distros), cigarbox and found-object 1, 2 and 3 string guitars, blues music and all things pertaining to integrity to the best of my ability.

I also admit to loving very hot, well, Extremely hot peppers. Which brings me to the new pic I’ll keep on my site here for a while.

A dear bro. in the Lord (Pastor Dave Eden of Bushnell’s First Baptist Church) has been growing these things for years. We link up for a bit of fellowship from time to time, and I recently was in town on a day he sadly was not. BUT… he is always sharing his rocking and often imported peppers and his home-made salsa (I mean FIRE starting) with me and has told me to just come by and pick ’em.

So last week I buzzed his house and in the front he has several bushes that were calling my name.

So you see, this pretty little cooker ended up as my new pic for awhile.

I try to speak, sing and write stuff that will at times be admittedly hard to take… but hopefully clean out the system and cause people to sit up and put up rather than simply wag tongue. Nobody who eats any of Pastor Dave’s peppers or sauce will ever quietly, passively sit still.

I sure can’t!

Indeed, it ain’t for everybody… neither am I nor is my delivery always suitable for just any/everyone… but for them that dig it… some indeed like it hot!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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