One String(s) Indeed :)

Been thoroughly enjoying my One String Willie cd and getting to know
him as a person has been cool.

We sat and chatted at the York Cigarbox Guitar Festival but somehow I
didn’t quite know who he was- except for being an obviously nice guy.
Then he offered me a diddly bow he’d made earlier in the day as a
demonstration model he creates so people can learn how to build
them… and I realized who he was!

I’m a tad slow sometimes. I thanked him and told him I’d made ’em, had
so many at home I didn’t think it wise to bring another or I’d have
snapped it up then and there.

So we’ve had email exchanges (thanks Shane Speal!) and that cd is
spinning (along with his songs in my head) every time I drive
somewhere. Really fun- and edifying as he’s a
believer as well.

Like others, Willie found a way to be creative, carve a niche he’s
found a good fit for himself and also through which he can share with
-and encourage- people.

If you know me you’re likely aware inspiration is a major part of my
quest and hopefully part of what I can pass on to others.

A few nights ago Willie’s music inspired yet another creation: a
one-string “canjo” I built and put a bit of decoration on, all in
about an hour.

He normally uses a one-strung “diddly bow”, just a 2×4 with a tin can
and pickup on it. Well, he sometimes uses a one-string cigarbox guitar
and others I suppose. So tonight I decided to use a 3/4 inch piece of
dowel with an Allen’s Hoppin’ John can from the previous night’s
supper. Nice blues vibe!

As in life, “sometimes you only got one string”. The issue is not what
you have but what you do with it. How creative can you be?

God often moves me to step out of my comfort zone into a -new- sort of
comfort zone… one that includes fresh challenges and situations
where using what I’ve already got in a more thoughtful way brings me
satisfaction as well as seems to really bless others.

Jesus is all about loving us and loving others through us. Believe it
or not, even a stick, can and string can bring a song and even be a
see-and-believe example of grace. And of course, recycling 🙂

This little one-string canjo is strung with an acoustic, wound G
string that I’ve tuned to a B. I got out the magic markers I had on
hand and found the key notes where I then marked it up for positions
to place the slide- which is from a piece of metal conduit I cut and
polished fairly smooth.

Nothing like the old eyebolt & wingnut tuner. I used a small wood
screw-wingnut combination for a “nut” and a wingnut-flathead screw
combo for a “bridge”, drilled a small hole right through the can in 3
places. Two are for wood screws to hold the can in place on the stick,
one is closer to the bridge where I then feed the string right through
the can and neck and then through the slot in that flathead screw,
then up over the wingnut by the tuner and the rest is practice!

I -may- put a pickup in this thing.

The sound is really quite nice and as I placed the neck at a slight
angle I find it doesn’t need a string or strap for me to comfortably
hold and play it.

Wendi (my wife, originally from the South) truly knows how to cook…
and that there Hoppin John mix was good along with the ham and brown
rice all slathered in her to-die-for low-carb gravy, garden tomatoes
and watermelon.

Certain inspiration 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



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