Are We Singing Yet?


In the end your life is the most important song you’ll ever sing. Sing
it well. It’s likely some will remember your life long after they’ve
forgotten (or moved on from) your song.

I’m certain this is the way God thinks about it.

You are more important than your artistic offerings. You. Not what you
bring to the table, but who you truly are.

Too many artists hide behind their art. Far too many are clueless and
selfish regarding relationships- and of course that’s where the real
crosses and pain lie. Caring for others above yourself is a task often
avoided. Now… how would I know anything about any of this?? Indeed,
I’m convicted about it often.

Some of the most brilliant artists are sadly, some of the most
insecure/arrogant (yep, all in the same person) people. Trust me, I
have a mirror.

What ARE we doing and for whom?

Do we produce killer and influential art… or might we actually have
a life beyond-above-core underneath all those cool bits of art we pour
out into the world?

Again and again I’m reminded of my own failings and absolute need for
God and His grace in this regard.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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