Power Trips to Where?

When you’re secure in who you are- and I must say right from the start
I mean secure in God’s love and acceptance… not of your sin… but
YOU… then you don’t have to scratch, claw, fight and demand a place
at any table. You will be called and invited.

It is GOD Who ordains, who calls, confirms, gifts and causes people to
notice all in HIS good time.

When we scream and get nasty- or conversely when we shrivel up in
self-pity… either way it’s still “self” trying to establish it’s own
space, place… maybe even personal kingdom where self is king.

No good. Nada. Not a biblical ethic.

To demand, to hang on for dear life means you’ve made a position, a
place of power and control what it can never be: life.

When you work overtime for the respect and acclaim of others you’re
not seeing yourself as God truly sees you… neither are you accepting
yourself and His plan as He desires you to seek it. In truth, it’s
seeking HIM not what He gives that brings real success, not power,
position, prestige or the praise of human beings who one minute love
you and the next trash-talk about you.

Jesus spoke about those who seek the praise of humankind rather than
the praise of God. He knew our hearts “are deceitfully wicked” without
His Master plan- and the most essential part of that plan is
relationship and position with Him- NOT position in this world or our
“place” with others.

Our TRUE identity is in Him, not in our work or position of power.

This is in part why leaders often grasp and do all they can to shore
up and maintain power rather than share it. This is where all too many
in the Christan church judge and politicize for obtaining “a place of
higher office”… they’re not looking for nor finding the life-giving
love, acceptance and security in their relationship to their heavenly
Father through Jesus. It’s not about loving others in service, rather,
they seek “stripes” on their sleeve, a front office, a paycheck with
more zeros than the next person. It’s a carnal, worldly ambition and
idea of self-worth according to pecking order.

These are traps that are so easy to fall into. The BIG gig rather than
the right, real and perhaps humble show. My time rather than HIS…
rather than the right time. And sometimes the right time is never. God
has answered, sometimes His answer in love for us is “No”!

One of the things I’ve learned is that I don’t have to perform circus
tricks for my heavenly Father to love me. Jesus on the cross proves
I’m worth everything to Him!

You too. YES. Your no less valued by God than I or any other Christ-follower.

So if you need to turn some things over to God, perhaps even as a
leader or someone desiring a “ship that never seems to come in”… let
those things go!

Grasp God Almighty and experience what real satisfaction is like -in
His arms. It was NEVER about our own efforts trying to obtain
position, prestige or power.

What was it He told Israel? When i have given you fields you did not
plant, wells you did not dig (etc., etc.)… don’t forget ME… the
Lord Who gave it all to you.

What have we been given that isn’t a gift?

Further, we are stewards of what does not belong to us- and will one
day give account. Let’s take care how we interact with our Lord in the

Things to consider!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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