Blooming in the Crack


Lest someone think I’m endorsing getting high… not at all… this is
about growth and God’s hand, not dope and addiction!

Our Christian community (JPUSA) in Chicago’s inner city is an amazing
place. We have so many different sorts of people from all over the
world, many cultures and subcultures, races and ethnic backgrounds. I
love it.

We also have a large side yard with a beautiful garden, play place for
kids, sprinkler area where they can splash in cool water on warm days
(like what we’ve been having and what’s predicted this week!).

The middle of the yard holds some six different play-stations
including slides, ladders and other fun stuff the kids can play on.

On the side of our actual garden as on the sides of our main yard
where the play area is are benches and small table spots where adults
sit and chat with one another, eat, watch and interact with the kids
and of course, catch some sun.

Another part of this yard contains a basketball/soccer/broom
ball/hockey/foursquare (mostly fenced-in) space.

As I was taking garbage out to the dumpsters the other afternoon I
again enjoyed the flower boxes which Ted and crew have placed all
around the “non-garden” sections of the yard.

There are boxes above the bench just outside the basketball court too.

Walking by, I happened to notice what I’d not seen before: a solid
stem, green leaves and budding flower which apparently took root in
the crack between the cement squares just below that bench.

What struck me is:

*”The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do
not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who
is born of the Spirit.” (John 3.8)

*I rather doubt any human intentionally planted that seed in the crack
but either a human spilled some seed or the wind indeed blew it there
and it took root.

*It DID take root! For that seed to live… it -had- to. What about
you and I in terms of spiritual life, in terms of a local church
family of Christ-followers? Are you “rooted and grounded” yet?

*It’s a wonder and it’s beautiful. Sometimes we miss seeing God’s hand
in “strange” (to us!) places. We don’t recognize the glory of God and
power of His hand in creating life because we don’t think life is
possible in such a place. Think again! God is all about redeeming that
which is without life and He often chooses the lowly things of the
world to demonstrate His grace, power and presence. NOTHING is
impossible for God.

*You and I might feel useless, blown about. But IF we will sink our
roots in good soil God is willing and able to grow us up, to work
beautiful change in us. It -is- a matter of our faith but it’s also a
matter of God’s work and power whether our faith is deep or shallow…
IF we’ll get rooted in good soil. He’ll take care of the sun and the

*Are your closest friends the sort who keep you blowing around the
land or are they helping you find root in the best soil for your own
spiritual growth? If they aren’t actually dragging you down, are they
helping to lift you UP to Jesus and spiritual maturity?

*God knows how to get seed where it best grows, in the richest soil.
He’s constantly working life and beauty in that which has little or
none on it’s own terms.

Things to think about. Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Hello – i linked over from an email from shane and this is where i wound up. just wanted to say ‘Thanks! I needed that word of encouragement!" IN His grace… Jd

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