Heavy… errr -Not Heavy But ALL Metal :)

Had a Travis Bean “Jerry Garcia Model” with aluminum neck years ago.
Nice. But a bit too bright for REZ band so swapped it for something
else over time.

Now THIS is the first All-Metal-All-The-Time found-object guitar I’ve
built. Been thinking about this for awhile and finally built it.

I work approx. one day each week when scheduling allows, at Lakefront
Roofing Supply, at our sheet Metal Shop. Great staff, nice work and I
try to do it well. The proceeds produce a ton of varied ministry to
many, many people in Chicago’s inner city.

On my lunch break and sometimes at the end of a day I have some time,
and so in 30 minutes cut a bit of conduit for a neck and two basic
“pans” from scrap sheet metal, one slightly smaller so they’d fit
together and cut the edges on both (and on both ends) so the neck
would fit through.

Today in another 30 minutes I drilled 4 holes, screwed the pieces all
together and put a .052 and .024 string on it. You can see the
simplicity of attaching ’em. I added 2 1/4 inch eye bolts with wing
nuts on each and then found a nice bolt and nut combo, slightly
flattened a bit of the round head of the bolt on a grinder and after
getting a few burrs out of the drilled spots string ‘er up. Nice.
Sounds amazing, holds tune very well. Oh- there’s no “nut” on it.

I decided to set the eye bolts up with the thicker bridge which took

away the need for a nut.

Next comes an idea for a “portable” piezo pickup. Once I get it
designed, built and tested on this and few other of my homebrew slide
guitars I’ll post pics and an explanation.

So I got a 2 string ersatz dobro sorta thingee at the expense of about 2 bucks!

Yep. Next the pickup, very soon the “snare” and “kick drum” combo and
we’re off to a new era of blues…

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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