The Least of “The Least”

How much less can we do for the least of the least?

It has often seemed to me the very last people Jesus mentioned in
Matthew chapter 25 are in fact the very last ones thought about by
many of us in the churches. Truth is, for most Christians they may
even be forgotten on purpose due to the personal sacrifice, fear or
plain difficulty of making any sort of positive difference in their

Who are these people? Prisoners or ex-offenders.

But what a good night I experienced tonight- sitting at a table with
friends from various ministries who all care deeply about prisoners
and the many-sided issues that promote repeat visits to jail or prison
OR conversely, that help remove the “repeat offender” from the same
old cycle of crime/sin, jail/prison over and over again.

A lot of interaction will likely come of this. New friends, new prayer
partners, the sense that there may be fresh or more fruitful ways to
help people come to personal salvation, actual biblical discipleship
and indeed, maybe even a few churches who are willing to risk ministry
to felons and otherwise “undesirables”.

Who knows, perhaps there are Christian businesspeople willing to offer
someone a job, a place to stay, a chance to truly heal, change, find
friendship with sane and loving Christ-followers instead of the same
con/gang/street culture situation they’ve been trapped in with little
opportunity for anything else.

Who knows?

Well I think we know Who knows.

So… what can… what must we do?

Each of us can only answer that question as individuals.

What seems quite clear is this:

“I was in prison and you came to me… as you did it to the least of
these, you did it to Me”.

It seems prisoners and ex-offenders are “the least of the least”.

I realized long ago the only real difference between they and myself
is that they got caught.

And thankfully, I got saved- and there were people who risked taking
me in regardless of the “return on investment”.

They simply loved me as Jesus commanded them to and what a difference
it has made in my life!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

One thought on “The Least of “The Least”

  1. Glenn I absolutely love this song "What You Did". Just wanted to let you know. I have followed you for years. Thank you for being a servant of Christ and adding to His glory by playing your music. Thanks again.Shannon WhitehousePeace River, AB, Canada

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