The FIX?

From my recent post here ("Faith, Hope, Even Love?") someone might get the impression that I'm saying we should or can ignore perpetual sin, abuse or perhaps even get into a position where we are truly enabling someone to continue in their self-(and others) destructive state. Not at all.

In my continuing studies, life experience and relationships with all sorts of people who carry all kinds of burdens I have never found any one formula nor one-size-fits-all fix for what ails them (and others around them)… but repentance, faith and loving obedience to Jesus Christ.

If a person will not of their own free will embrace Him and these, there is truly nothing anyone can do to assure closure to a rebelling-against-God life. It really IS between the individual and the Holy Spirit -or it isn't going to happen.

What I mean is not that we totally give up on them but rather you, I, our particular church or ministry or skill set, etc., are not always THE answer nor at times, even a small part of the solution for their train-wreck life.

Often a person isn't ready to obey the Lord until they've been swallowed by a great fish for a while. Jonah?

Many reading this had to "hit the wall" and even hit it nearly to the point of death before they finally surrendered to God.

I was one of those.

God is FULL of mercy and compassion and the church is often nearly out of it… I get that… but the reality is that for many, only deep and painful tragedy brings any sort of lesson they finally grasp which moves them enough to make the difficult, personal choice to follow Jesus rather than chase their own tail.

Love isn't rape. It does not FORCE. I cannot in that sense cause positive, God-honoring, Bible-applied change for the better in a person who isn't willing to surrender to Him. God IS love, but love isn't about beating someone into submission. Free will means we pray, model, teach and encourage Godward change… but it does not guarantee it.

In the end a person stands before God in the day of judgment with their own story, their own choices, their own decisions. There IS personal responsibility.

There is no person, group of persons, local ministry or church of any kind who can "fix" a person not willing to be helped! There is a time God tells Israel- the love, the chosen of His own heart… to take another lap around the mountain. Remember this- Israel was exiled by Him for perhaps most of the Old Testament!!

There is a time that tough love and distance is the very- and truly painful thing- the Holy Spirit calls us to- out of love for a person.

I don't write these things lightly but from long years of experience and with plenty of tears, begging God for my own loved ones as well as others we've brought before Him in prayer.

I can't fix anyone, not even myself. This is God's work. We must do our faith, hope and loving best to cooperate with Him in it, but we cannot ourselves save anyone anymore than we can or should be lord of anyone!

There is only One sufficient for those tasks.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

5 thoughts on “The FIX?

  1. I needed to hear that this morning…in my attempt to "fix" a loved one. Very insightful and right on.

  2. Thanks Pat, Amen! Thanks Dale, I hear you… and of course have been there and am often there myself!!!Thanks to God for His grace!-Glenn

  3. A long, long time ago, I went to see my pastor about the turmoil I was in because of my determination to make a major life change that I wasn’t ready for. In his loving fatherly way, he told me how he had wanted to tell me not to proceed, but the Holy Spirit showed him I was not ready to listen. I knew he was right. I was quite a bit more stubborn in younger years. My pastor never gave up on me, but he trusted the Holy Spirit more than himself to keep me in God’s mercy. In reflection sometime later, I also realized what casting your pearls before the swine meant.

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