One Size Fits ALL?

Depending on your own opinion based on multiple reasons, "one size fits all" may or may not suit you. Put another way, the concept may or may not suit you at a particular moment in your life.

We all change. When we're 4 years old we want some things we won't want (or need) when we're 10. When we reach 20 we'll have likes, dislikes, needs and desires different to a 40-year-old.

Like weather and geography, moods change. In some places on earth weather can truly change within a few minutes, while geography changes slowly (like the course of a river).

When our Jesus People movement was young- back in the hippie days of the late sixties/early seventies, the fashion among many girls included the "granny dress". My wife Wendi and many of the girls wore them, and shared them with one another as they were "one size fits all". Cool patterns, long ankle-length dresses that reached the ankle with elastic waistbands that shrunk or expanded according to the wearer's shape.

Wendi laughingly says they referred to them as "one size fits most" because some girls were still too skinny or too large for these dresses to fit right.

Isn't that a picture of various parts of our lives at times?

This or that temperament doesn't seem to "work for us", doesn't seem to "fit".

So, what about music and the arts, decorating a room or the color of a house?

What about clothing styles?

Consider this or that style of church or worship service for a moment…

At any point in time something may seem a "perfect fit" while earlier (or later) it doesn't seem to fit us a all. Or at least we don't like the way it fits.

The problem is that any of us can decide that unless it "feels like it fits" we're gonna HAVE a fit!

Sometimes we choose the option of caring far too much about things that aren't all that important in the larger scheme of things -though they're important to us, at least at that moment in time.

In a REZ Band tour we did many years ago Wendi was pregnant and high-risk so the doctor didn't let her go. As she sang lead on many of our songs we had to re-vamp the set list so I could carry each night without her. It was a drag touring without her but we made it. That "size" didn't "fit" me but it was what we had to do at the time. Looking back I think we made the right decision. I missed her terribly and people missed her during the shows but some came to faith in Jesus night after night and it sure "fit" them that we had come to their town!

Over time your own perspective changes- as does mine.

None of this is true with God except for those things He defines as "sin" in the Bible. You can find HIS lists (and I don't mean those any local church or ministry decides to define) in both New and Old Testaments. I find those in the New Testament written in letters to Christians in local churches the most illuminating.

Sin never fits God and He is clear in saying it never fits us. Who gets to define "sin"? He does. He's God -we're not.

Sinning may feel like it fits us but never does as it's always at core, about selfish interests that don't have anything to do with His real, true love. It's the stuff that separates us from Him and His people. It tears down and never truly builds up.

Through life people, places and things change. You and I change. Changes and transitions are part of life and are not entirely something we can escape.

If we don't have the firm foundation of faith and obedience to God in Jesus Christ and in accord with His Word, things are absolutely not going to fit! This particular matter has little to do with what we may or may not want… but what HE wants.

There came a time when I realized my own sense of "style" did or did not fit this or that group of people, whether they were Christians or not. Loving God and seeking to share His love and see people through His eyes partly meant to be willing to change my style, to be flexible, to not be hard and rigid about my own tastes and personal comfort -for their sake, for the sake of Jesus and His good news.

What could I bring them from Him? Was there any way I could serve them in Jesus Name?

See, sometimes things don't fit because they aren't fitting to those around us.

Sometimes they don't seem to fit us.

The question is: what is fitting in God's view in that particular time and place and among that group of people?

This is the question that love asks over and over though out one's life.

It's true that one size rarely fits all. But it doesn't have to give you fits!

Things to consider. Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



  1. Thanks Glenn! Check the typo 😉 "This is the question that love asks over and over though out one’s life."

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