Feelings or Not -We’re Not Alone

Sort of like "ready or not, here He comes" 'eh? 🙂

I'll be honest- I often feel a sense of what I believe to be the Holy Spirit sort of "washing over me".

It could of course be endorphins, the pizza I ate or that warm rush of love I feel for my wife Wendi… and I suppose at times it's any or several of those at once. And yet…

Though what I've written is true (for me) I can also say that it's often immediately after a prayer, a thought towards God, a sense that He is with me, not just near or around but WITH me.

Jesus indeed said "The kingdom of God is within you" and of course being filled with the Holy Spirit means being filled with God Himself.

In the Book of Acts Paul quotes a local saying in his witness to the unbelievers in the region: "For even your own poets have written… IN HIM (my emphasis) we live and move and have our being".

If we are -in Christ- and He in us we may expect to feel, to sense His presence at times.

As a musician and sometimes worship leader I must confess that my sense of God's immediate presence is not all that frequent while I'm actually leading worship in singing and playing music. Interesting 'eh?! I mean it does happen at times but not super often. But I don't live for that sense of His presence either… I live for HIM.

Relationships come and go. Romance comes and goes. The "warm fuzzies" are there and then disappear and re-appear at various times and stages. In my own life and that of many others I've listened to it's very much the same.

When we seek FEELINGS over FACTS we may well end up with neither. Think about that for a moment please.

I'm not saying I have no emotions nor that I bury them.

Jesus literally commanded us to love God with ALL our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as our self.

I think some doubt the very existence of God and the Risen Christ and the immediate Holy Spirit based on their own lack of feeling.

I further think some rarely show genuine care or sacrifice for their needful neighbor based on feelings- or lack of them.

Being a musician, being a creative, passionate person who can be very quickly Intense (caps. intended!) I learned long ago not to simply ride my emotions. To this day when I sin it is more often via my feelings than careful, thoughtful prayer and examination of God's Word.

We MUST feel, but we cannot always be moved or figure we are not being moved by the Spirit merely based on what our individual sense of the presence of God may be.

Jesus is Lord and Savior, our feelings are neither nor can they be!

Somewhere along my journey with Jesus I realized He is truly- TRULY "a VERY PRESENT HELP in trouble" -whether I feel His immediate, manifest presence or not.

Lastly, the presence of the Holy Spirit in the literal sense isn't controlled- nor can it be- by our actions. When God chooses to touch us in such ways, He does so.

We can grieve and quench Him… we cannot stop Him nor Shut Him down or force His absence.


There is plenty of scripture that speaks to all this… but it was something I thought might be helpful to mention today.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. We could have quite a conversation! I’ve been thinking some similar thoughts today – and for this last week or so…Reading in Luke the encounter along the road to Emmaus…thinking about how God is omnipresent and thinking about intamacy…that I sometimes "feel" and sometime don’t…Thinking about the Gospel – the GOOD news….WOW! The whole of it and how I seem to find it/Him in the most unlikely places and people these days…;-)

  2. Indeed Diane. I have found few people getting stuck only in their thoughts though sometimes people do. My experience is that I and most others hit the molasses via their emotions which are so fickle and changing due to so many things. I don’t disregard them, I just don’t give them the steering wheel (unless I blow it which I do now and then) or if so often end up in the ditch. God isn’t God if I allow my emo. to rule!! I mean, He IS, but oh how we get off the rails if we’re not paying attention. Thanks, -Glenn

  3. As always, thought provoking. And right where I am today, contemplating these very things.We spend, it seems, an inordinate amount of time trying to define what may or may not affect us and why. I wish we would spend at least as much time trying to better understand how and why we are responding the way we are.Facts without emotion are equally empty. I don’t find comfort in the Psalms because they are factually, historically accurate. I don’t know what it feels like to be king, or a warrior, or a nation. But I do know what it feels like to be wronged, to feel alone, to be surrounded by people who more than likely want to harm me in some way, to even be surrounded by my own sins.I think the passage that talks about renewing our mind is telling more than we may think. It isn’t that the intellect is necessarily superior to emotion. I think it is the intellect, in our minds, that we are most willing and capable of lying to ourselves about our emotions, e.g., that this thing we are feeling or showing is love when it really isn’t. The feeling isn’t lying, how we are interpreting it is the lie.I think there is a divine attribute to art, beauty, and emotion shared with God. We are best purposed to seeking, discovering, and responding than necessarily defining. Maybe we are best meditating on why we may or may not feel God’s presence at certain times than defining those times as the only moments God may have been present.I like what Lewis says in his essay about the Efficacy of Prayer:"If we were stronger, we might be less tenderly treated. If we were braver, we might be sent, with far less help, to defend far more desperate posts in the great battle."In your newer post you say "Over time your own perspective changes". I think that has tremendous implications to our emotions, too. We grow and change over time (well, hopefully we do), our emotions and how we understand our emotions should change, too. We won’t feel the same way every time or all the time. And that’s ok. That’s how it should be.Through our recent discussions of beauty I think I have come to the (current) conclusion that beauty has less to do about an object (how it looks or even the artist’s intent) and more to do with how I respond to that object. With regard to your post, I have to ask myself, how will I respond to God, his love, and what he has asked of me even in those moments when I don’t feel his presence, his love, or even his guidance? I think that is possibly more important.Joe

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