Found-Object/Cigarbox/CookieTin Guitar & Bass Class

I couldn't be more proud of the class I taught over the past couple sessions- they completed their own builds of 2 and 3 string slide guitars and 2 string fretless basses made with basic, cheap and free parts, boxes, tins and etc.. They also took a lesson in how to tune and play a basic 3 chord song on 'em and began to decorate them as well.

The bassists got guitar picks and the guitarists got pics and "slides" that are actually copper couplers you can get for a dollar each at Menards.

What a pleasure to turn people on to music via an instrument that they pick out the body, neck and parts for, build, then decorate as they choose and see them begin to learn to actually make music with it! Cool stuff.

There were a number of guys in the class but they finished up and left before I got any photos of them or their guitars and basses… so here are some of the sweet girls with the instruments they built.

But here's a few pics to give you an idea of their great work 🙂

Oh- and you can see what I used in Cali. shows this past weekend as my new main site picture here… including a sweet borrowed Strat- as well as my dumpster-dove 3 string metal box dobro (slide guitar with piezo Radio Shack doorbell element pickup) and also a prototype of the 3 string cigarbox guitars I helped design and endorse which Grrr Records will be selling soon. It's also a 3 string slide instrument with piezo pickup inside. They sound cool and are fun to play.

In a word, I'm grateful… o.k., two words… blessed!


2 thoughts on “Found-Object/Cigarbox/CookieTin Guitar & Bass Class

  1. I would love to have taken this class. Was this at Cornerstone? Will it ever be repeated? I’m downstate, so I would drive to Chicago!

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