D.I.Y. El-Cheapo Guitar & Bass Building Class Happened Today

I had an absolute blast helping some of our high school students
build cigarbox, canjo and cookie tin slide guitars and basses
today! They all did amazing jobs with only a little help from our kind


Next session we'll finish 'em up and I'll give a basic lesson in slide
playing and 2 string weedwacker bass playing, and one or two will
add el-cheapo doorbell element (piezo) pickups to their hand-made
instruments. We'll also talk about the many ways they might want
to decorate their new music sticks 🙂

AND… I get to do this at Cornerstone Festival in a possible two
workshop slots this summer. Cool.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


1 Comment

  1. I finally found some time to finish my first CBG. It’s not quite as immediate a build as the ones you picture here: I purchased tuners and shaped the neck with a spokeshave. I will have to remedy some issues of geometry and buy actual acoustic guitar strings in order to make it playable. I used music wire I had around for some other projects and I now understand why the low strings are wound.Your tip above about a cheap slide inspired me to look around at the local Lowe’s and I thought I’d pass along what I found. There were some straight copper couplers for 65 cents each. A cheap substitute for the heavy steel slides that some players use can be found in the hardware drawers???a steel spacer (.75 x 1 x 1.5) for $1.88. Of course, if you have fat fingers like I do, you may find it a bit snug. You may want to check them out.Cheers,MIchael

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