This Past Weekend

Great weekend of concerts!

One of my son-in-laws, Brian, came along to do merch on Friday night and we had good fellowship time.

The St. Matthews in Glendale Heights, IL crew were really sweet, Mike Kosmala and band were amazing, attendance was very good and the response was a bit over what I'd expected (to the positive).

Doing songs from "Cardboard Box"- pretty intense in terms of calling people to do something more for the poor, homeless and returning veterans -can be slightly upsetting. But folks were very, very kind in their applause and verbal response after the show.

We also projected 18 black and white photos from the cd jacket during the set. These are pics of people we work and have worked with at our shelter in Chicago.

Saturday my Wendi came along and we had a really fine time with the staff down in South Holland, IL and again the response was very, very good. Another kind and caring group of people who are making a difference in their area, in their case, with an attached drug rehab work. Spirit of God Fellowship rocks…

Tomorrow I link again with the Willow Creek Cook Co. Jail team by bringing a message to the bros. in CCJ. Looking forward to it.

Notice the pics here from St. Matt's (yep, all 3 of 'em 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



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