Politics? I Don’t Think So…

In the event you either don’t know or perhaps wish to know where I am at with regard to politics and social justice/change and equity -regardless of your own particular position- I can sum mine up rather quickly:

I do not believe either the Bible, church nor general world history gives us much hope that any specific form of politics or justice system is beyond corruptibility. That is, humans are by nature sinners and largely work for selfish ends.

What I’m -not- saying is that all self-interest is selfish and sinful. Jesus commands us to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” so there is certainly a “self-love” that He considers not only right and godly but even an essential ingredient in loving others as God desires us to do.

I am indeed saying (and I seem to have read this somewhere…:) “no one is good, not even one…”. In the end I don’t believe any system of government or justice template has or will ever exist (outside of the kingdom Jesus Christ is building) beyond corruption. People can be bought, therefore justice can be either by-passed or certainly in some cases, eliminated in terms of this world and this life in exchange for money, political or other positions of power and so forth.

So do I think we are hopeless? Not at all! Our hope is in Jesus Christ and there is ultimately no other.

Yet I also believe that if we in the church (actual Christ-followers, not merely attendees on Sunday mornings) truly loved one another and yes, our neighbors as we love ourselves there would be such an amazing change in society that whatever government was in power would become rather moot.

A huge part of my thoughts and heart for the poor stems from a deepening knowledge of God’s grace in my own life. In terms of freedom from addictions, living a fairly simple life (which to be blunt, I’d love to simplify even further) and recognizing God’s hand in supplying all my needs over a lifetime has taught me to trust Him.

People, myself included, are not to be glibly trusted nor depended on! And yet I don’t walk around judging everyone I meet or for that matter think I’m any more worthy of anything other than hell than anyone else!

It’s grace, and His grace is not only extended to me but to “whosoever will, let them come”!

But the point is that God continually seeks to extend His offer of grace, love and forgiveness THROUGH HIS PEOPLE, THE CHURCH.

We so often look the other way with regard to prisoners (“I was in prison and you came to me” Mt. 25) and the poor (“The poor you shall have with you always and you can do good to them whenever you want to”).

As some on the extreme left have drunk the koolaide of “no God but myself”, plenty on the extreme and even not-so-extreme right seem to think that self-centered living and correct voting fixes what ails us. Not so.

Some have so easily bought the propaganda lie that those of a different race, ethnicity, who have lost their jobs and cannot find work, who have become drug-dependent, alcoholics and/or have ended up in jail or prison are all simply reaping what they’ve sown.

While many -did- make sinful, stupid choices that landed them in such a state, plenty have not.

The idea of the self-made person is a myth. “What have you been given that is not a gift?” writes James. Indeed. Grace isn’t earned. It cannot be.

So on the one hand some Christians on the right seem to believe God predestined the poor to their lot (which truly reminds me of one of the slave-holders favorite lines back in the day) or conversely, that all the rough and sometimes horrible and despair-feeding situations they end up in are merely a matter of their own sinful lack of taking personal responsibility.

Nice ‘eh? This means you don’t lift a finger to love, you simply make a neat, tight judgment and do nothing or next-to-nothing.

Finally, I have grown increasingly weary of the thick-headed assumptions and oft-repeated nonsense from speakers and their clientele who fully believe it’s always someone else’s job to serve and sacrifice for the poor, the widow and the orphan… to the extent they have the gall to say “RUN from any church that claims to stand and work for ‘social justice’ as they’re obviously liberal and likely not true Christians”.

Cute. So if Jesus’ Own words in Matthew chapter 25 don’t qualify as “social justice”, what does?!!

People work so very hard to extricate themselves from application of the very Word of God they say is so core and central to all they hold dear!

If I were commenting on such inane commentary using British English, I’d say such clap-trap is suited only for the rubbish tip.

Why is it we work so very hard for exits to loving our neighbor?

I suppose in very brief, at very least, it’s about our own fear, laziness and despair over our own lack of control of the way our world, nation, state, county, city, town, countryside or personal property may possibly be (or is being) affected by… well… by THEM. THEY are the issue, not ME!

Not so. Not in the judgment.

If there is any sense of truth in the biblical statements about our reaping what we’ve sown, let me ask you what I ask myself: what if you only reaped what you’d sown (in this life) to the poor, the widow and the orphan?

I KNOW it’s all about God’s grace to you and I… so is it somehow NOT about God’s grace for those around us?

This double-standard of reasoning is not only unreasonable, it’s unbiblical and really what some would call “pretzel logic”.

“Judgment must first begin in the house of the Lord”. Yes. Yes indeed.

Please pray about whether it’s God’s truth or rather your own fear and the desire for control that most shapes your judgment about others, especially those in prison or living in the street.

If more of the church truly lived as the biblical church, oh how more would flock to follow the Good Shepherd!

God help us better reflect Jesus Christ rather than our fearful, angry, demanding selves!!

Sincerely, thank you for reading through my thoughts. -Glenn


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  1. Glenn, last saturday evening our youngest daughter came home from a church youth meeting, with a very nice announcement. She wants to follow Jesus and the first big steps she’s going to make is to be baptised in a few weeks from now. We allready knew she was thinking about it, but I can tell you Glenn, when you hear that it makes you very proud as parents. So in 1 year time, both our daughters made the BIG step !!something to be very gratefull for…..just wanted to share this good news with you and Wendi…thanks !!Anco StamHolland

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