Easter? So What?

Tonight I think of a dear Ev. Free Church pastor friend (Mike Baar, Canton, Illinois) who has just gone to be with Jesus face-to-face. What does Easter mean to him now?!

I think of his dear wife and boys, his church, so many like myself who were blessed to know him as a friend and encourager, an example of Jesus among us. What does Good Friday and Easter mean to his family and the rest of us?

I am remembering another kind, amazing Calvary Chapel pastor friend of mine who went home to the Lord several years ago… and how his sweet widow and one of his young daughters visited JPUSA that holy week… and how the sad young girl wanted to go forward at our Good Friday service. Weeping together we walked hand-in-hand to the front in the semi-darkness, crying at a painful loss as well at the wonder of God's grace through this "veil of tears" here on earth.

I'm thinking of several dear friends who are getting older, not as healthy as they once were, who are battling this or that disease. What does Easter mean to them?

There are so many sitting in jails and prisons across the U.S., some in solitary confinement or on death row in those states that allow it. What is Good Friday and Easter to them?

For many of us- especially with young children or grandkids this is at least in part a time for colored eggs, chocolate, candy and little cards and prizes in baskets. It's a time for fun.

A lot of adults see it as an excuse to drink plenty of booze, do up whatever their drug of choice is, to get out and party, to basically find whatever pleasure they can while they can on the weekend.

There are those who with various bits of speaking, prayer, song and other art and/or ceremony remind us all about the Last Supper, Jesus' foot washing of His disciples feet (Maundy Thursday), of Good Friday (the crucifixion) and of course Easter Sunday- often remembering Jesus' resurrection upon the rising of the sun as the scriptures proclaim.

My own view is that too many people focus on themselves and not Jesus Christ.

Easter, as Christmas and other holidays are either a bore, a joke with regard to a myth, an excuse to party or basically just useless and something commercial interests care about due to making more money off of whatever sales they can generate.

Even Christians fall into the trap of selfish thought and pursuits at a time serious thought and meditation of exactly what Jesus did for us and why it means EVERYTHING now and in eternity ought to be considered.

WHY is Friday "good"? Why is Easter so very important, not only to Jesus or church people… but to all humankind?

Serious illness reminds us. Death reminds us. A loved one in pain and distress reminds us. Our own frailty and inability to somehow earn or otherwise self-obtain our own salvation reminds us.

There is in fact a reality that your belief or disbelief cannot change or affect in any way. But it changed my life and the lives of millions of others and as I write this in 2012 it can change you- Hallelulia and Gloria Deo!!!

That reality is:

Christ has died.

Christ is Risen!

Christ will come again!

Grace to you this Easter -the grace to grasp what the love of God for you truly looks like… on the cross and in the empty tomb.




  1. <who are battling this or that disease. What does Easter mean to them?> Oh grave where is your victory. Oh death where is your sting.

  2. Christ will come again, hopefully soon…. and then He will claim the victory over death!!!Glenn, Wendi and all your family…. we (my wife, our kids, myself (and yes strangely enough Levi and the rest of the handpuppets too), we wish you a very good Easter and that we all me celebrate in the joy that Jeus Christ is risen from the death !!!From HollandAnco Stam

  3. Well put Glenn, I have been following the trail of JPUSA and Rez and You and WEndy Glen for some 30 + years as we have followed Jesus. I sometimes had difficult times where his pursute of me was all there was but I am back at the foot of the cross stronger than ever and that is because there is nothing else. Thank you all for a strong steady witness. Christ is risen ! He is Risen Indeed. God Bless you all!

  4. Dear Glenn,thank you for your words and music in Wetzlar March 18th, 2012!I often pray for you, the band and JPUSA. I hope, I can find this clear look at the redemption from sin, that JESUS brought and brings to my life, again. This Eastertime, I got a new good start, which means, me and my family realized JESUS relief for us in having intesiv services at the DOM (Easter.Night-Service) and by hearing one on the radio! Also we visit our old and ill Mothers and family. They have been very glad, to see us! Thank you for your thoughts about the sence of Good Friday and Easter!JESUS REIGNS!God bless!Great them all.From GKW to GKB!

  5. You are very kind, thanks for your message here Gerhard. Wetzlar, as always, was great, nice people!<br><br>By His grace we all get new starts… thank God!! Thanks again my Bro., <br><br>Greetings, -Glenn

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