A Triumphal Exit :)

Palm Sunday is about Jesus entering a city full of cheering people who expect He's about to become king and oust the occupying Roman army forces who are in part, making their lives miserable.

His procession into town is often called "the triumphal entry".

My good friend and colleague Jeremy has a wonderful blogsite. I often post his writing because it inspires me on several levels.

I think I'll call today's blog "the triumphal exit"!

Jeremy has worked on staff with our (JPUSA's) Cornerstone Community Outreach for many years and along with so many JPUSA folks as well as volunteers and other former homeless people, daily serves Chicago's poor.

All are not lazy, all are not criminals but many have made any number of foolish choices or have had the economy fall in on them or both.

Here is his latest blog on one Todd, an "up" story of a bro. who has graduated on several levels!


May you enjoy, be inspired, get convicted (to do more than think or talk about such situations) and get involved!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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