NO Place Like Home!

Most of you will know the movie "Wizard of Oz", the 1939 classic tale of a Kansas farm girl swept by a tornado into another
world including a lion, tin man and scarecrow who all became her friends. In the end the wicked witch of the west and her
flying monkeys get zapped, the ersatz wizard realizes control by fear is wrong-headed and of course as our heroine wakes up
from what was a dream, those immortal words yet ring true: "There's no place like home".

Home is where we want to be.

The point is not so much a locale as a place of peace, of welcome, of security, and yes, a degree of comfort and familiarity
we can find no other place as beautiful and amazing as other places may be in various ways.

My friend Bob Williams went home in the past weeks. Another kind friend of mine, Mike Baar, will likely go home soon.
There are others who have or who will follow. Whenever and however, it's true for me. Yahoo and Hallelulia!

"Our times are in His hands."

This week for me, home was getting back to my Wendi, children, sons-in-laws and grandchildren after a wonderful but long GKB EuroTour.

There is NO place like home!

And yet the writer of Hebrews reminds us "Here we have no continuing city… but we seek one to come". That place is where
there is no need of the sun or moon because the place is lit by the glory, in fact the very Person of Jesus Christ.


Familiar place? In one sense not at all. How can a heaven, a New Jerusalem, well… how can being in the literal presence of
God be fully familiar to those who have never BEEN there? In one sense it can't be.

On the other hand when one has a growing relationship, an ever-closer, intentional seeking-God-intimately mindset and lifestyle, there is an element of "familiar" I expect those of us who followed Jesus will experience there as we have a glimpse of it here and now.

"Here we see through a glass dimly… THEN face-to-face."

I wrote about this in a little poem some years ago… "Ohhhh…." (largely but not Completely surprised) "What a view! What a
view in view!" I think heaven in the presence of God will be like that for the people of God.

So there is indeed no place like home. Really isn't.

Relationship of love, faith and obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord is the only way the Bible proclaims we can get there.

I believe it. God help you and I live it out in daily practice.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see some of you in Ohio with GKB this weekend 🙂 See for further
detail on that.


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