GKB 2012 EuroTour Blog Five

This will likely be the last tour blog post as we have only Wetzlar to play tonight and fly home to Chicago in the morning. Our friends at the club in Wetzlar are very cool and we always have a great time with them so we expect nothing different this tour.

Wow, 15 shows in 17 days… met so many kind people and really have been blessed with great weather. Today as we awoke there is the slightest bit of rain in the Fulda area.

So here's a long update and a zillion pics from the last several shows on the tour.

Picking up where I left off- we had another sweet visit to one of my favorite countries: The Netherlands has always been special to me as like Australia, it was one of the first overseas tour spots for Rez Band so many years ago.

The club was very pretty, the people extremely kind and receptive and I think GKB had a very good night.

Lots of great chat after the show as usual, and linked up with old and several new friends. I'm only sorry it was the only show we had in Holland this time out, but perhaps more in the future. As in Belgium, such kind hosts and really nice people in every way. And the accommodations were very good as well. Also did a tv and another filmed interview in Gouda. Good folks, fun.

Oh- in Belgium our hosts gave me a jar of sugar-free chocolate spread. In both Belgium and Holland they have a custom to eat chocolate spread, sometimes in the morning, sometimes later on as well. But I only do sugar-free… and didn't know such existed until now. YUM!

So the Dutch club was packed, the response amazing, many photos taken which you can see here.

A sad and deep note- one of the key promoters had to bury his wife of only a year the very day of the concert. She is with Jesus but the grief is real and not easy. He came and I hope was encouraged… both he and a wonderful sister in the Lord blessed us so much during our stay! You will see pics of her Bible bookshop in this blog.

On the night I decided to emphasize the importance of following Jesus in our relationships to the extent we think about how our action or non-action affects others around us. This is always important of course.

Many in the crowd had seen Rez and/or myself during blues tours in Holland and so they were happy with both the Rez Band numbers as well as the blues tunes we did from my solo projects as well as GKB material. We ended up adding a couple songs to the set as well.

In that we did two sets, I did some solo acoustic blues to begin the evening, then Roy and Ed joined me for more, both acoustic and one electrified (Joy) from Bound For Glory. I decided to finish that set before a short break, with Witness Cloud which they sang- and sang extremely well!

I think all the Dutch pretty well love the true football ("soccer" in the U.S.) and of course sing to their teams all the time, so they were in fabulous voice!

We then went back to Germany with five more shows from the north down to Berlin
and then finish up a bit closer to the Frankfurt area where we fly home to Chicago from on Monday.

It seems we are all holding up pretty well -and as Carsten keeps us fueled with good coffee and pretty solid wifi we tend to be pretty happy 🙂

As you'd expect, we're all missing our families and JPUSA back home.

I will post this with the last pics of dear friends (and their beautiful horse) from Belgium and some of the many pics I took in Holland, then from those in Germany the last couple nights.

In both Braunschweig and tonight in the Hamburg area, both staffs and crowds were just as kind to us as could be!

Good attendance, nice atmospheres.

Roy told Sam (the key promoter in Braunschweig) that I was into hot peppers and sauce… so sure enough, they made traditional German breakfast the next morning but also scrambled eggs- with Sam bringing (American bro. from California) hot peppers and a bottle of habenero sauce. YEAH Baby!

We went on to Hamburg. I've included a few pics of the city and lake near the train station and harbor.

Denny and crew always do a great job and this night was as expected 🙂

Many REZ fans and others came by tonight as well and the Hamburg area folks sang as well as the Dutch on Witness Cloud at the end of the set.

One friend brought another to the show as a birthday gift. It seems we had an important talk some years ago and the Lord did some good things in he and his girl's (now wife) lives. Grace.

God has been so faithful to us- always is.. though at times we don't pay as much attention nor give Him thanks for His providence as we should.

Another bro. asked for me to sign his (beautiful) Martin acoustic guitar. I can't imagine… but I did it. Seems his family liked the evening a lot though they are not normally fond of loud music.

I know this is getting redundant but again in Berlin at the Hacienda Biker club along with Tribe of Judah and several other clubs opened the door and/or supported a GKB show and all went amazingly well. Again great chats after and we also met biker friends from Poland asking about a possible festival there in August. We'll see what the Lord has for us, but what a rocking night! Very responsive crowd indeed.

Oh, and one of the funniest Spinal Tap moments- after the set the crowd yelled for encores, we all went out the back door and when trying to get back in the door had automatically locked! A nice guy heard Roy pounding on the door over the crowd roar and let us back in… we laughed so hard we could barely get back onstage!

In the Fulda area the crowd was a bit smaller but super kind and appreciative on the night. I thought Ed and Roy had an excellent night and their solos during Queen of My Heart were cookin'! I felt good re. my own part but this again was a very kind crowd. Again, a load of great chats afterward, and as in many of these shows I signed several vinyl REZ albums and heard many stories of when and how people discovered us and what happened in their lives as a result of Jesus via our work. GRACE!

So on to Wetzlar, then Frankfurt airport, then Chicago O'hare and our families and home!!

It never ceases to amaze me how these tours go. Thanks to God, my voice has held up… talking little, getting sufficient rest of course helps… and your prayers.

SUPER Velen Danke to each and every promoter and especially to the wuderbar Carsten and his sweet wife Judith for their love, hard work and kindness to us!

Thanks for visiting my site, enjoy the photos 🙂





  1. Glenn, as far as I know, the first time Resurrection Band came to Holland was 1982, you just released DMZ. What I remember from that year, was that during the soundcheck Stu began to play his guitar the moment I was standing right in front of the PA….was deaf for the rest of the day LOL.

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