GKB 2012 EuroTour Blog Four

Wow… a lot of shows… and a day off in lovely Belgium.

Tomorrow we go on to Holland for a show in Gouda, then back to Germany
our last concerts on the tour. Flying home to Chicago in one week-

Last night's gig in a blues club near Mol, Belgium several songs were
apparently recorded and uploaded on youtube. If interested ust pop over
there and search for:?? glenn kaiser gompelhof?? and scroll down a bit and you'll
find several.

We are holding up quite well, have had wonderful shows, crowds and hosts
all along the tour. The weather has even been pretty nice. Sometimes the
wifi has been spotty, but the coffee is nearly always excellent.

And being from Wisconsin originally I of course am as usual in Europe,
loving the cheese and sausage. Working out every day so hopefully it
won't be enjoying -me- too much 🙂

I have several blogs ready to go on a number of subjects but will wait
to post them until I'm home in Chicago a few days.

Whew, the email is sky-high of course, so trying to keep up.

Carsten, our tour van, the gear and our health has all held up very
well- many, many thanks for all who are praying for us!

Enjoy the many pics from Germany, Holland (passed through it on the way
to Belgie) and Belgium. More coming at the end of the tour.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and Hugs, -Glenn


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