GKB 2012 EuroTour Blog Three

Today on the GKB EuroTour we were able to sleep late. I awoke to a scent very like that in our kitchen at home when my Wendi makes bacon and eggs… not normal for Germany! Indeed, Judith made them along with a more traditional German breakfast… very nice and with their wunderbar coffeemachine we enjoyed it all, sun streaming in the windows of her kind parent's house where we stayed last night and tonight.

Her sweet Mom did all of our laundry (time to wash or burn mine…) and on we go to another show tonight and tomorrow night in Germany, then up to Belgium, Holland and back to Germany for the last shows on this tour.

It's a beautiful day in the Karlsruhe area, the show last night at Substage was well-attended and the opening band (Pick Up The Harp) was fun doing blues music (see the pic). We've done shows together here before, nice guys and a fun night.

A great many friends of ours, people who have either lived at or visited JPUSA many times came out, many brought friends. Some people shot video as well. Had soooo many nice chats with folks after the show.

The moon was full last night and maybe (just joking) that's why I decided to play around with the setlist a bit. Did a Cream version of Crossroads, Sweet Home Chicago (of course it's our home!) and Alinea requested Useless Man which her daddy Roy wrote- and which I dig a lot- so we mixed things up a bit. The crowd seemed with us right through it all and by the encores I was ready for a towel, cold water and finally a good online visit with my Wendi which we had.

Carsten and Judith are such great friends, have worked hard on the tour and so far it has once again been an amazing time.

A bro. came up last night and said we had helped him recover from deep depression via the music… a sincere and kind bro… I am absolutely so humbled at the response and the way God allows us to affect people- mostly in the positive :)!! Grace. A LOT of grace!!

So here are pics of our drive through Schwaben and beyond near Karlsruhe, around the home we stay in and in some cases a castle here, cool old building there… and the crew.

Thanks so much for your prayers and kind words.

Sent with love, -Glenn



  1. Such blessings! Praise the Father! Praise the Son!Will you be playing anywhere near Uden when you are in Holland? We have family there.

  2. i have seen the guy’s doing there thing in Mol (Belgium) and i was so glad that h?? was in Belgium . I hope to see you’ll again next year . To Wendi : he took a picture of all of us . Praises to the Lord for blessing them with music greetz from Europe

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