GKB EuropaTour Blog Two

So we are nearly off to SubStage in Karlsruhe tonight. Last night did a set at Club Belinda (3rd show there I think) and as usual a full house, very kind people, wonderful hosts and a breakfast that holds us to suppertime!

So many good chats. And Ed and Roy jammed like maniacs last night… fun.

I am behind in my blogging and photo sharing here so will attach pics of a gift of honey from the kind promoter in Lichtenstein, a few shots from there, also from Austria on our way to Germany, then from the last couple days shows, clubs and people.

Again I apologize for not captioning the photos but I need a little nap before heading off to tonight's show. So many in a row… the old guy has to rest up a bit… and my email overflows as usual when on tour. Thanks for your understanding!

Many thanks for the kind comments, welcomes and longtime fans who are writing via all my web accounts… y'all are amazing to us, truly!

With Love from Germany, -Glenn




  1. No need to apologize Glenn, most important thing is that you stay fit and healthy for the tour to tell the people in Europe about the love of Jesus. Maybe it would be an idea to give the camera to someone else, so you show up on one of your own photos ;-))

  2. Thanks for the pics. Loved the photo of Andreas Mack and family. Have a great concert tonight and remember to gargle!

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