GKB 2012 EuroTour Blog One

Greetings from Germany!

Well, the GKB EuropaTour 2012 is cooking along nicely.

Last night was our first night (sleep-over, not show) off, and we had
it in the principality of Lichtenstein. Nice, pretty little land you
can read more about online if you like. I’ve included some pics from
Schaan and Vaduz (Vaduz is the capitol and also where the castle is-
where the Prince and his family reside).

We played about 10 mins. away in Buch, Switzerland. As in our first
night in a valley of the Swiss Alps called Fruitigen and again in
Rapperswill, all 3 crowds were nice in size, kind and receptive- and
we have had excellent chats afterwards each night, very encouraging!

There are a number of Rez Band fans as well as other folks mouthing
the GKB lyrics at us in each place. Keeps me on my toes 🙂

We’ve added about 5 Rez tunes to the set and people seem to enjoy hearing them.

Carsten Turner (excellent friend and tourmeister) has as usual taken
fabulous care of us, and each local host whether hotel or house has
been wonderful.

This is the norm for us really, both in Switzerland and where we are
now (Germany). Interestingly we will play our first show ever in
Belgium, another in Holland (been there many times over the years) and
then back to Germany to finish up.

Yesterday was a day off, now we do 6 shows in a row so I don’t know
how much time (or web access) I’ll have to post more thoughts and tour
pics… we shall see… if and when can I sure will.

God is faithful and my Trimmed & Burnin’ amp (the 59er) is cooking
through a 4×12 Kitty Hawk cab that gives what is truly the best tone I
ever have had in an overseas tour. Very nice to have such inspiration
when you play guitar!

The last pics here are from Austria, we ate at a great place last
night and as you can see… it’s a rather old place! The night shot is
of a castle in the town- FeldKirche (field church).

So, hope you enjoy the many pictures here, sorry I don’t have time to
label them all. MANY thanks for your prayers and of course- I miss and
love my Wendi, family and JPUSA family a great deal. So thankful for
online chats which we do every night when we have access.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn and band




  1. wow, the view out the window is amazing! Glad you guys are doing well, rest up while you can. Thank You Lord!

  2. Will be paying for you and the boys Glenn. Excting to see what the Lord is going to do. What an awesome thing to see the Lord using you around the globe. Love and miss you.

  3. Glenn, its great, to read your words about the first gigs and the good times you had in Europe. I am looking forward to hear and see GKB in Wetzlar!God bless!GerhardGKW

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