European Tour & Misc. End of February Update

You can find all tour date info. via

It’s a German-language site but the details are all clear enough for
those interested.

Roy and one of his daughters and myself fly to Zurich tomorrow (Feb.
29) and return to Chicago Mon. March 19. Ed has an even crazier
schedule in that he does a show with my daughter Ami Moss and her band
The Unfortunate in Green Bay at a private party (Lambeau Field no
less!) Weds.. So we get in a day early, sleep and the next night do a
show… Ed will fly over Thurs., arrives Fri. and does a show that

Thanks for your prayers- 15 shows in 17 days and 2 travel days… lots
of coffee and hopefully web connections so I can at least skim emails
and mainly, chat with my Wendi and keep up with family and JPUSA and
Project 12 here in Chicago while I’m touring.

Just fyi, I do very little talking between shows, a bit of whispering,
lots of reading, writing and sleeping, try to exercise and eat healthy
and just focus on giving my best in each set.

There are interviews along the way, meeting old friends and making new
ones… it’s mostly good… but whew, 3 weeks is so long away from our
wives, kids and JPUSA!! Again, thanks for prayers.

This past weekend I joined Ami and her band on a few songs up in
Shawno, Wisconsin at a club, then we did a show in Green Bay and a
service in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. All very good and really had a
great time.

Now it’s laundry, cleaning, last-minute phone calls and webwork,
trying to get to sleep early and give time to family prior to leaving.

A few other things to say here: I finally got all my pictures from the
Ocala P12 trip (rainbow gathering) and have finished writing a blog
post but must choose from all the pics, then I can post that… I may
get that done before flying overseas but if not, I’ll just have to do
it from there.

Jon Trott snapped the pic I’ve just loaded here for my header photo…
that’s a 3 string found object slide guitar. The body is a chain-sawed
and hollowed-out small log (thanks Mike!!) from the Ocala rainbow
gathering. I built it sitting there by the fire at our camp. Sounded
fairly good I think 🙂

Also- from now until about mid-summer things begin to get thick in
terms of my time… lots of touring, individual shows, the schedule
just gets loaded. This year Wendi and I celebrate our 40th anniversary
(June 1) and will take a couple weeks off alone together.We have a
full Cornerstone Festival schedule also. All this to say my email
truly piles sky-high. I DO read it all -honestly, I DO pray for those
asking for various help, and when I cannot respond or am not your best
answer for specifics I link people with others who can -when- I can.
But the point is that I simply cannot reply to each and every email,
Facebook or Twitter request. My heart says Yes but the reality is that
schedules, family, pastoral and other concerns make it impossible.

I do Facebook live chat on occasion- but sometimes am chatting with
family or friends and just cannot reply to all who want to chat.
Frankly, I only Skype people I know very, very well so I rarely grant
Skype requests. If I have 15 minutes and then must leave for a show I
want to talk with my wife of course… thanks for your understanding.

Please know I love and like most of those who write, truly!! But
thanks for your understanding at the workload 🙂

OK, now I think I may sound like I’m whining… so anyhow, back to
other work for me and then off to beautiful Switzerland tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and Hugs, -Glenn

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