Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Shows & Misc. GK/P12 Update

GKB is doing blues/rock: Friday, February 17 @ 7:00 pm
@ Jesus Fellowship of Believers Church, 621 Wilson Ave., Menomonie WI
Contact 715.505.4977 or booking.munchies@sbcglobal.net for more info.

I’m doing a solo blues set Sat. and Sun. service: Saturday, February 18
(and service Sun. Feb. 19) @ 7:00 pm @ He-Brews Cafe, 121 5th Ave.,
Iron River MI
Contact seth.waters.music@gmail.com or 906.284.9305 for more info.

Now a quick update as to why I’ve been mostly offline recently-

I spent the past week on the road with the Project 12ers sharing in
our annual P12mission trip.

Today they are on the road to Hebron to visit our dear friends at
Hebron Center near Bloomington, Indiana. Alan and crew run the finest
Christian drug rehab work I know of and it’s always an excellent
learning experience for the P12 students and staff to interact with
the men there. I flew home early in order to do the weekend concerts
and service as per above.

But this past week we linked with friends near Ocala, Florida, some
whom I’ve not seen for many years. A great and kind welcome, great
fellowship, then into the local national forest with Jesus Kitchen
folks- Ben, Theresa and Debbie, who serve the Rainbow Gatherings with
food, prayer, and the love of Jesus. We were so blessed to serve with
them at that particular regional Rainbow Gathering.

So many lost, lonely and spiritually searching people, travellers,
those with long and often sad stories who are looking for community, a
group of people who they can somehow call family show up… and showed
up for all we could offer.

It was a great week of sharing around the campfire, creativity and
more. I will write more on this later as I’ve got too much to do
today, but I’ll simply add a couple pictures here.

So- hope to see some of you in Menomonie or Iron River this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


3 thoughts on “Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Shows & Misc. GK/P12 Update

  1. Thanks, not this tour but perhaps in the future if we are invited. -Glenn<br><br>On Wednesday, February 22, 2012, Posterous &lt;

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