Ice & Grace


At Cornerstone Farm where our fellowship (JPUSA Chicago) presents the
annual Cornerstone Festival, is a fair bit of water.

Below and to the side of the old mainstage bowl (a natural
amphitheatre) is a stream that flows from a spillway coming from the
dam in our 125 acre lake.

Lake Wildwood Haven is a man-made. It, along with along with five
ponds on the property, is quite beautiful- especially at sunrise and
even moreso at sunset.

Two of the ponds contain a great many fish and the lake is absolutely
loaded with them.

Ducks, geese and other wildlife flock to the surrounding corn and bean
fields, eventually coming to the ponds and lake to drink.

On a recent trip to the property we enjoyed seeing a herd of deer
feeding on a hillside above the water.

I love shooting photos out there and got the one you see here from a
view of the west end of the lake. There, as with several inlet areas,
geese flock and deer often cross.

These are often the spots where the shallows are.

As you can see, they freeze hard-solid. They are also the places to
freeze first in cold weather.

Such is a metaphor for many Christians who have become cold in their faith.

Shallow in their prayers, Bible study, slack and rebellious against
listening to the wisdom of more mature Christ-followers, caught out in
tough weather, they are the first to stiffen.

Such iced-over spots are also the last to thaw.

It is most interesting how the sun shines so very brightly in
winter… and though the middle of certain lakes and ponds will have
not frozen over, or perhaps are half-liquid and only part ice, those
closest to shore in the most shallow places are thick, hard and

How wonderful if this were never true of our relationship and walk
with Jesus! Sadly, it’s sometimes an all-too accurate snapshot of our
spiritual condition.

Unlike ice, we have free will and can choose to avoid talking with and
listening to the Lord, blow off searching and memorizing (much less
applying) His Word and we may only fellowship around shared social
tastes and nothing more. Such is the stuff of the spiritually shallow
and cold.

Ahhh but by the grace of God there are four seasons. The Spirit knows
how to promote thaw!

The wind (which Jesus said, “blows where He wills”) moves over such
lakes, the sun heats the ice, the weather changes and the grace of God
begins to change our hearts. As the wind changes direction, perhaps
our direction can also change? Yes. Absolutely yes!

May we be receptive and pliable as He moves.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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